Engelbert Humperdinck ~ King of Hearts (1973)

This was Engelbert's last official release on "DECCA" label.  A beautiful collection with different arrangements and production.  It differs a lot form the Reed-Mason formula, and perhaps this fact alone was the reason this album remained relatively obscure.  The real show stoppers are "I'm leaving you", a heartbreaking ballad and "That's what it's all about" with arrangement that was way ahead of its time.  Paul Anka's "Do I love you" is another highlight, along with "Only your love" a beautiful theme from the movie "Vallachi Papers"   This album is definitely worth owning and listening.

01. My Summer Song 
02. I'm Stone In Love With You 
03. Do I Love You 
04. Somebody Waiting 
05. The Most Beautiful Girl 
06. I'm Leaving You 
07. Eternally 
08. Only Your Love (from movie "The Valachi Papers") 
09. That's What It's All About 
10. Songs We Sang Together 

I'm Leaving You

That's What It's All About 


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