The Beatles ~ Hot as Sun [2010]

There are still deep rooted rumors about a Beatles album that was recorded between the months of February and May 1969. An issue of the music magazine “Rolling Stone” (September 17, 1970) first brought attention to this mysterious album, but the article was swamped with various guesses and vague information, presenting what seemed to be a puzzle to Beatles fans. Of course, as with any good unsolved puzzle, it became a legend.

According to the rumors, the master tape of the Beatles next album was stolen by an unidentified member of the Abbey Road studio personnel, and asked for a large amount of money from Beatles for its safe return. The thief is then said to have mistakenly carried the tapes through an airport x-ray machine, where they were promptly wiped clean. Of course, a legend such as this seems to deliberately seal the fate of the missing album, assuring that its mysterious contents would never reach the ears of curious fans. (It should also be noted that this story bares a strange resemblance to the plot of “Give My Regards To Broad Street!”)

But it is 2010, a long forty-one years since the “Hot As Sun” tapes were supposedly wiped from the face of the earth. A lot can happen in that amount of time – urban legends can be reborn and envolve greatly. The “hot As Sun” legend still lives on. And so, on this compact disc is an attempt to recreate the twelve tracks that supposedly made up that lost album.

01. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (3:42)
02. Don't Let Me Down (3:11)
03. Hot As Sun (1:24)
04. Junk (2:22)
05. Polyphene Pam (1:24)
06. Octopus's Garden (2:51)
07. I Should Like To Live Up A Tree (1:00)
08. Zero Is Just Another Even Number (1:09)
09. What's The New Mary Jane (2:35)
10. Dirty Old Man (2:56)
11. Madman (1:15)
12. Watching Rainbows (3:33)

Raymond Lefèvre ~ Musique de Films [1969]

01. Neretva (2:34)
02. Toute la pluie tombe sur moi (Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head) (2:39)
03. Un jour pour nous (A Time For Us) (2:44)
04. Les jeunes loups (I'll Never Leave You) (2:46)
05. Tous les deux près d'un berceau (Sleep Safe And Warm) (2:45)
06. Un homme et une femme (A Man And A Woman) (2:19)
07. Il était une fois dans l'ouest (Once Upon A Time In The West) (2:39)
08. Le clan des siciliens (3:02)
09. 13 jours en France (13 Days In France) (2:51)
10. C'est ma chanson (This Is My Song) (2:02)
11. Isadora (2:41)
12. Bye Bye Barbara (2:53)


The Shadows ~ Guardian Angel [1984]

Guardian Angel was the group's first album to be released on LP and CD simultaneously and only the group's second CD release. It had the distinction of being the group's 1980's album, consisting entirely of original material, except for one track. The album wasn't promoted with Polydor's marketing machine fully behind it and the album failed in commercial terms, spending just one week at number 98 on the British charts. Also, only two tracks were performed live by The Shadows and then only during the January to March 1985 "down-under" tour in Australia and New Zealand; the two tracks being "How Do I Love Thee" and "Hammerhead".

01. How Do I Love Thee
02. Hammerhead
03. The Saturday Western
04. Look Back On Love (from the film 'Terminal Choice')
05. Johnny Staccato
06. I Will Return
07. (I'm gonna be your) Guardian Angel
08. Can't Play Your Game
09. On A Night Like This
10. Turning Point
11. Our Albert

turning point 


Quincy Jones ~ Big Band Bossa Nova

Another fabulous feel good nostalgia recording that makes you want to throw a cocktail party! It’s just like a time travel escapade to the suburban set and penthouse parties circa ultra chic 50’s and 60’s in Manhattan whilst Rock Hudson, Julie London, Doris Day, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Kirk Douglas, Grace Kelly, Shirley MacLaine and Audrey Hepburn were the guest of honors. Soul Bossa Nova takes a special position mostly because it has been used in so many occasion and played in the coolest venue, the trendiest Lounge bars and most conservative country clubs! A must have collection. (PS: It’s cocktail party time! Shaken. Stirred. Sip the martini and let’s dance)

01. Soul Bossa Nova (2:47)
02. Boogie Stop Shuffle (2:44)
03. Desafinado (2:57)
04. Manha de Carnaval (2:57)
05. Se E Tarde Me Pardoa (4:25)
06. On the Street Where You Live (2:36)
07. Samba de Una Nota So (2:04)
08. Lalo Bossa Nova (3:13)
09. Serenata (3:21)
10. Chega de Saudade (5:39)
11. A Taste of Honey (2:58)

Lightning Seeds ~ Sense [1992]

This is probably one of the best pop/alternative releases made in the 90's ! The layered, complex arrangements and deep meaningful lyrics make this album an exceptional experience.

01. Sense (4:12)
02. The Life Of Riley (4:05)
03. Blowing Bubbles (4:16)
04. A Cool Place (2:57)
05. Where Flowers Fade (5:03)
06. A Small Slice Of Heaven (3:50)
07. Tingle Tangle (3:22)
08. Happy (4:33)
09. Marooned (4:40)
10. Thinking Up Looking Down (5:19)


Engelbert Humperdinck ~ 20 Great Love Songs

01. A man and a women (3:33)
02. There goes my everything (2:54)
03. The way it use to be (3:13)
04. Take my heart (2:28)
05. From here to eternity (3:48)
06. Shadow in your smile (2:31)
07. Quando, quando, quando (3:18)
08. Les bicycletts de belsize (3:14)
09. Can't take my eyes of you (3:38)
10. The last waltz (3:04)
11. My world (3:05)
12. How near is love (2:43)
13. Winter world of love (3:20)
14. Release me (3:19)
15. A man without love (3:21)
16. Spanish eyes (3:12)
17. Quiet nights (2:38)
18. There's a kind of hush (2:59)
19. This is my song (3:20)
20. Those were the days (4:39)