Martin Böttcher & His Orchestra - Love Story and other love themes (1970)


01. Theme from "Love Story"
02. Liebestraum
03. Endstation Liebe (aus dem gleichnamigen Film)
04. Adagio in g-moll
05. Love is Blue
06. A Lovers Concerto
07. Snow Frolic (from "Love Story")
08. The man I love
09. Wonderland of Love
10. Canzone d'amore (Una canzone)
11. Melodie für Jessica (aus "Spion unter der Haube")
12. Love - so heisst mein Song (This is my song)

This LP had definitely seen better days. Found on a local flee market and purchased for a reasonable $1, this Slovenian (former Yugoslavia) issued LP sure gave me a hard time restoring it. The last two tunes on B side, "Canzone d'amore" and "This is my song" were so badly damaged that even a multiple scans could not completely clean up the terrible scratches and other artifacts. "This is my song" also contains one nasty skip, but given the circuimstances I think it now sounds pretty decent. I think the LP was either played with improper needle, bad needle, improper tracking force or tone arm/cartridge being totally out of alignment (end tracks on both sides are considerably more damaged than others) or some abrasive material had damaged the grooves. On most tunes some "clicks" and "pops" are still audible. However, additional filtering would compromise the high frequencies and the music would not be as enjoyable. In any case, this is possibly the finest "Love Collection" when it comes to Martin Böttcher's opus. Every tune is masterfully arranged and produced. Even though most (but not all) of these tracks can be now found re-issued on CD this LP has its unique value just because of the excellent song choice.

Love is blue

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