Martin Böttcher ~ Sound Kaleidoscope

Martin Böttcher -  composer, arranger and a bandleader whose music remains as fresh as it was many years ago.  Although his domain was film music, the arrangements of other popular tunes were equally memorable and exciting.  For true fans of instrumental music at its best, this album will give you an idea who Martin Böttcher is and how his skillful manipulation of orchestral sounds can contribute to your good mood.  This compilation contains both, film and popular music.

Many attempts have been made to outline the personality of a composer with the help of music: and frequently these attempts were failures. The reason, perhaps, is that the images evoked by music cannot be traced so easily and are not nearly as transparent as those painted before our eyes.

'Visible" music - this is a term anyhow justly applied in connection with composer and conductor Martin Bottcher. His domain is film music. Martin Bottcher's pictures of sound are directly related to the action visible on the screen - his music always implies an effect on the viewer. Whoever listens to him wilt feel after a while that his music can also paint a portrait: that of composer Martin Bottcher.

01. Dr. med Fabian (1:45)
02. Bengelchen Bossa Nova (2:47)
03. Fiesta In Belo Horizonte (2:48)
04. Wonderland Of Love (3:12)
05. Melodie Für Jessica (3:29)
06. This Guy's In Love With You (3:58)
07. The Shadow Of Your Smile (3:22)
08. Sonderdezernat K1 (2:12)
09. Tausender-Melodie (2:06)
10. Judy (2:49)
11. Fernsehmelodie (3:33)
12. Endstation Liebe (3:42)
13. Bengelchen (2:36)
14. Moonlight Guitar (3:02)
15. Salzburg-Melodie (3:29)
16. Die Ente Klingelt Um Halb Acht (2:03)
17. Klassenkeile (1:54)
18. Examination (2:51)
19. Adagio In G-Minor (3:33)
20. Einsam (3:48)
21. Snow Frolic (4:13)
22. Wenn Du Da Bist (3:17)
23. Stranger's Serenade (3:21)
24. Ich Schlafe Mit Meinem Mörder (3:21)
25. Segeln (3:44)

Moonlight Guitar

Martin Böttcher ~ The Score

Martin Böttcher. The Grand Old Man of deutsche Filmmusik. Wohl jeder in diesem Land wird mindestens eine seiner Melodien gehört haben - etwa in immer noch für Kindergrusel sorgenden "Edgar-Wallace"-Schinken, in "Winnetou", "Der Alte", oder alten TV-Filmen mit Götz George - und zudem ist er, anders als Kollegen wie Peter "Raumpatrouille" Thomas, bisher noch nicht durch den Mix-Wolf gedreht worden. Das klingt böse, ist aber nicht so gemeint: Die zu "The Score" gehörende Geschichte mit Böttchers Enkelin, die ihn drängt, doch mal "was Modernes" zu machen, klingt nicht erfunden, und es sind denn auch mal nicht die üblichen Verdächtigen, die hier verwursten dürfen.

Also endlich mal eine Coffeetable-Remix-CD ohne Jazza, Terra und Nova. Die wohl bekanntesten Namen hier sind Pit Baumgartner (De-Phazz), Gabriel Le Mar und die Strike Boys. Aber auch ziemlich unbekannte Studiocracks zeigen sich mit schönen Ideen, so etwa Paul-van-Dyk-Kollaborateur Chris Zippel, der für mein persönliches Highlight auf der CD verantwortlich zeichnet: Einen Mix der "Old-Shatterhand-Melodie" aus dem "Schatz im Silbersee", der die unvergessliche Melodie ganz cool mit den guten alten "Apache"-Funk-Beats unterlegt - das gibt allein fünf für den Humor und noch mal so viel für den Style. Auch toll: Der Gabriel le Mar-Mix vom Stück "Moonlight Guitar" aus einem längst vergessenen Rühmann-Streifen. Und, und, und. Eine dann doch herausragende Compilation - vor allem, weil erfrischend unbedarfte Remixer weitgehend auf die üblichen Klischees verzichten, die ein solches Format gerne mit sich bringt.

1. Auf Engel Schießt Man Nicht (Shanti Roots/Scheibosan's Peace Pipe Dub)
Remix – Scheibosan, Shanti Roots
Remix [Credited To] – Markus Dohelsky 6:11

2. Einsam (The Strike Boys Version)
Remix – Strike Boys, The
Remix [Credited To] – Martin Kaiser, Tommy Yamaha 5:14

3. Old-Shatterhand-Melodie (Genuine Album Mix)
Remix – Genuine
Remix [Credited To] – Chris Zippel 5:19

4. Die Halbstarken (Ohm-G's Evissa Garage Haeven Mix)
Remix – Ohm-G 5:13

5. Starlight Serenade (Gabor Deutsch Mix)
Remix – Gabor Deutsch* 5:01

6. Melodie Für Jessica (Deep-Dive-Corp. Mix)
Remix – Deep-Dive-Corp.*
Remix [Credited To] – DJ Turn, P.M.FM 6:28

7. Endstation Liebe (Rauschfaktor Mix)
Remix – Rauschfaktor
Remix [Credited To] – Frank Rückert, Marcus Schmahl 5:16

8. Old-Shatterhand-Melodie (Orbient Mix)
Remix – Orbient
Remix [Credited To] – GM Electronics (2), Zero G (3) 4:18

9. Jet (Bazille Noir Mix)
Remix – Bazille Noir
Remix [Credited To] – Paulsen*, Ebinger* 4:06

10. Der Fälscher Von London (Phazz-A-Delic Mix)
Remix – Pit Baumgartner 4:12

11. Moonlight Guitar (Gabriel Le Mar Mix)
Remix – Gabriel Le Mar 7:36

12. Unser Haus In Kamerun (AK Musique Mix)
Remix – AK Musique* 4:30

13. Stranger's Serenade (Manikin Mix)
Remix – Keller & Schönwälder 5:47

14. Winnetou Melodie (Hippiehaus Mix)
Remix – Hippiehaus
Remix [Credited To] – Krallmann*, Haupt* 4:00

Old-Shatterhand-Melodie (Orbient Mix)

Martin Böttcher ~ The most beautiful melodies (Ars Nova Compilation 2012)

Böttcher was born 1927 in Berlin/Germany. After the second world war the young Böttcher began as solo guitarist at Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk. In 1955 he scored the music for his first film The Captain and His Hero. His next movie Teenage Wolfpack ( Die Halbstarken.) (1956), was a great artistic success.. He becomes one of the busiest composers for Cinema and TV in Germany. At the height of his career he made the music of 10 Karl-May-frontier-sagas in which actors Lex Barker and Pierre Brice are the central figures (1962-68). All in all Böttcher made the music for about 60 Films and 100 television productions. This collection is a tribute to a great composer/arranger whose music, often underrated, deserves much more attention.

01. Carnival (4:37)
02. Theme From Love Story (2:42)
03. Snow Frolic (4:13)
04. The Man I Love (3:07)
05. Melodie Für Jessica (3:29)
06. Laura (3:47)
07. Salute Sardegna (3:28)
08. A Man And A Woman (2:55)
09. This Guy's In Love With You (3:58)
10. The Shadow Of Your Smile (3:22)
11. Midnight In Hamburg (2:57)
12. Endstation Liebe (Titelmusik) (3:42)
13. Charade (2:39)
14. Salzburg Melodie (3:29)
15. Adagio In G-Minor (3:33)
16. Ensam (3:48)
17. Strangers In The Night (3:55)
18. Wonderland Of Love (3:12)
19. Stranger's Serenade (3:21)
20. Ich Schlafe Mit Meinem Mörder (3:21)
21. This Is My Song (2:45)
22. Vera's Melodie (3:14)
23. Segeln (3:44)

 The Man I Love (Gershwin)

Vera's Melodie


Brazilian Dreams ~ A Romantic Evening In Rio

Harmonica, human voicing, upbeat music, something you hear at a nice, upscale,and quiet social evening.

01. Sao Paulo Groove (5:18)
02. Roasted Bananas (4:26)
03. Amor Profundo (4:31)
04. Chameleon Tales (4:06)
05. Beverlia (2:43)
06. Canto Triste (4:30)
07. Balile De Anitra (3:46)
08. Hipnotismo (3:21)
09. Brazilian Evening (5:34)
10. Duett (1:55)

Sao Paulo Groove

The Anita Kerr Singers ~ My Colouring Book (1973)

Possibly the finest album ever released by Anita Kerr and her singers. It contains tracks that have been previously released on other albums as well as some new material. This album has been lifted off of the web and unfortunately does not contain good artwork. I used to own this album, many years ago, but somehow I lost it. There is ample of Anita Kerr's albums available, however, this one remains a rarity, not only because it's next to impossible to find the LP, but the choice of songs makes it very unique and the most pleasurable albums of all.

Side A
01. My colouring book
02. The fool on the hill
03. If
04. Cherry, cherry
05. The balance of nature
06. Good vibrations

Side B
01. You are the sunshine of my life
02. Alone again
03. Michelle
04. All you need is love
05. The long and winding road
06. Be aware

My colouring book

Power Samba Band

Pe De Boi the power samba band whose pulsating rhythms have electrified the New York club scene since 1980, produced only one memorable album during its nearly two decade-long existence which you hold in your hand. Born of the rich Brazilian musical tradition and inflected with elements of American jazz, rock and salsa, the songs on this album feature as many as 10 different percussionists. Band founder and leader, Guilherme Franco - a native of Brazil, a veteran of the McCoy Tyner group and one of the leading jazz percussionists in the world - named his group for a Brazilian slang term whose literal translation is the "foot of an ox" but whose real meaning is a musician with a great sense of rhythm.
Material for the album includes some Brazilian standards and compositions written specially for the album. From its beginning in the streets of New York, IV; has gone on to  perform at Giant Stadium, S.O.B.'s, The Byrne Arena, The Beacon Theatre, The Bottom Line, The Mudd Club, as well as the historic Peppermint Lounge, Danceteria, Studio 54 and jazz Forum.

01. Essa Nega (3:17)
02. Zazueira (5:35)
03. Reza Forte (4:14)
04. Samba Summer (3:59)
05. Pabaruba (6:08)
06. Capoeira (6:27)
07. Sequence-Part 1 (4:34)
08. Sequence-Part II (5:10)
09. Drums Evolution (4:50)
10. Amazonia Jungle (2:19)

Essa Nega


101 Strings ~ Romantic Latin Favorites

The lush magnificence and stereo/digital depth of the "101 Strings" is due to a combination of factors. First, in importance, is the concept of scoring for the strings. The necessity of using very large sections of string instruments is to utilize various harmonies and voicing and not weaken the dynamics or quality of any one line when playing counter lines. This is particularly important with violins and violas, and creates a wonderful rich channel separation for stereo/digital recording. The listener will note that at times the melody line is in full presence, and possibly a full and lovely counter line is being played, without sacrificing the full dynamic value of either. Second, the original performances have been recorded under the most exacting audio engineering standards with specially designed microphones with characteristics to compensate for any possible distortion from the tremendous bass frequency response in cello and string bass. Third, and of extreme importance, are the players themselves. They represent the finest musicians in Europe today - digitally mastered to perfection. Enjoy...

01. Malaguena (9:52)02. Quando, Quando, Quando (2:54)
03. La Cumparsita (2:54)
04. Blue Tango (4:21)
05. Cu Cu Ru, Cu Cu Paloma (2:53)
06. Adios (3:15)
07. Brazil (3:42)
08. A Taste Of Honey (2:29)
09. Spamish Flea (2:33)
10. Puerto Vallarto (2:27)
11. Adios Mariquita Linda (1:49)
12. Jalousie (3:13)

Adios Mariquita Linda 

All the best from Latin America ~ 20 Great Favorites

Very fine collection with some outstanding arrangements and performances.  However, I could not obtain any info on performers or arrangers.  This CD is very unusual because it is evident and obvious that it was ripped from a LP.  There are occasional clicks and pops that can be heard on certain tunes, as well as "fade-ins" possibly introduced to alleviate hiss, clicks and pops.  The CD was purchased in the USA somewhere in early 90's and by then, the LP was no longer available.  The CD artwork does not provide any info or clues who is the author/producer of such an outstanding collection.  

01. Copacabana (3:12)
02. Fernando (3:27)
03. Quiereme mucho (3:42)
04. El lute (3:51)
05. Ay no digas (2:39)
06. Samba pa ti (3:47)
07. Una paloma blanca (3:38)
08. Valencia (2:02)
09. Brasil (2:20)
10. Cuando, cuando, cuando (2:09)
11. Argentina (3:20)
12. Agua (2:25)
13. Que sera (3:01)
14. Oye-como va (3:07)
15. Rise (3:25)
16. Chiquitita (4:36)
17. Mexico (2:36)
18. Quando calenita el sol (2:59)
19. Granada (2:06)
20. El condor pasa (2:56)


Charles Shirley and his orchestra ~ Moon Over Moscow: Exciting & Soulful Instrumentals

Nice and very easy going.  The Charles Shirley orchestra delivers pleasant and soothing sounds of these old  and timeless classics.

01. Night Trolley (2:57)
02. Meadowland (2:33)
03. Song Of A Friend (2:07)
04. Far Away (2:32)
05. Midnight In Moscow (Moscow Nights) (2:37)
06. Hi-Li-Li (2:50)
07. The Light (2:11)
08. Dark Night (2:36)
09. Volga Flows (3:10)
10. Roads (2:29)
11. Let There Always Be Sunshine (2:32)
12. Lonely Accordion (2:26)

The Light 


Armando Zulueto & his Dancing Orchestra

This great collection was released on "Jugoton" label somewhere in the early 70's. The LP was found in a second hand store in the USA and it was in a terrible condition. The clean up software did the fine job eliminating about 80% of the clicks and pops, (unfortunately, at the expense of the overall sound quality which was pretty low to begin with) however, some remained.

01. Frenesi (2:10)
02. La Paloma (2:18)
03. Nocha de Ronda (2:09)
04. Adios (2:09)
05. Tico Tico (1:49)
06. Guadalajara (1:58)
07. Siboney (2:32)
08. ACucurrucucu Paloma (2:03)
09. Adelita (2:06)
10. Celito lindo (2:25)
11. Maria Elena (1:46)
12. Sabras que te quiero (2:31)


The Anita Kerr Singers ~ Sounds

Finally "the Collectors choice" decided to reissue this masterpiece in digital format. However, the critics say, it was "mastered from a LP rather from master tapes. Regardless of it, and the fact that sometimes remastered versions just do not sound right, I think they've done a fine job. There's little famous music here, but but this is the good album that their ability is shown

01. Happiness (2:00)
02. Wine In The Wind (2:46)
03. Today Is (2:20)
04. Say You Do (2:38)
05. I'm Falling In Love Again (2:24)
06. Long Live Our Love (2:53)
07. I Would Love You (3:12)
08. The Beat Goes On (3:05)
09. The Two Of Us (2:54)
10. I've Got Love Going For Me (2:56)
11. They Always Ask Me (3:18)
12. Swinging On A Star (3:00)

Wine In The Wind 

Anita Kerr (with The Antia Kerr Singers) ~ Favorites

Back in 1950, when Anita Kerr recorded her first album with her eight-voice group, The Anffa Kerr Singers, she launched a career that has spanned more than tour generations, arranging for and performing with a virtual who's who of the music world: Burl Ives, Eddy Arnold, Brenda Lee, Perry Como, Pat Boone, Rosemary Clooney, Bobby Vinton, Roy Orblson, Willie Nelson, Al Hirt, and many others.
Anita has received seven Grammy Award nominations; three Grammys, including one for "A Man and a Woman," as well as Gold and Platinum records, including one each for her collaborations with Rod McKuen and the San Sebastian Strings. In 1992 she was awarded the NARAS Governor's Award recognizing her outstanding contributions to American Music. She was also the first woman ever to score a full motion picture, for the Universal film "Limbo" (1972).
Anita Kerr has built a loyal following of listeners who appreciate her gen-, tie vocal stylings and timeless arrangements. Favorites is a compilation of Anita's best loved songs... personal choices of both Anita and her fans.

01. The Fool on the Hill
02. Your Song
03. The Long and Winding Road
04. Good Vibrations
05. Sunny
06. Superstar
07. It's Impossible
08. Alone Again (Naturally)
09. Cherry, Cherry
10. If
11. You've Got a Friend
12. Blame It on a Monday
13. I Never Meant to Hurt You
14. If Not for You
15. Amazing Grace

The Fool on the Hill


Max Greger ~ Star Edition 2008

Born: April 2, 1926 Instrument: Composer/conductor/leader
Max Greger is a popular German orchestra leader and saxophonist. He began as an accordionist then went on to the Munich Conservatory where he studied clarinet and saxophone. After a stint in the military he started to play in jazz ensembles, and by the the end of the 1940’s was leading a big band.
Greger was very popular in his native Germany throughout the ‘50’s, and appeared regularly on television from 1963 to 1977. He recorded countless records for Polydor. His musical output includes easy listening as well as jazz, swing, polka or Schlager. He was heavily influenced by Glenn Miller and liked to play his music live. By 2000 he started touring with Paul Kuhn and Hugo Strasser as the “Swing-Legenden” (swing legends). The concerts all over Germany are well received. Max Greger and his two friends remain active entertainers belying their age. Gregers son Max Greger Jr. is also a musician and recorded several records.

01. In the Mood (3:25)
02. I Just Called to Say I Love You (4:17)
03. Silberfaeden (3:48)
04. Clair (3:14)
05. Everybody Loves Somebody (2:52)
06. Tequila (2:07)
07. Wind O Change (4:29)
08. Edelweiss (3:29)
09. Mambo Jambo (3:08)
10. Midnight in Munich (3:49)
11. You Are So Beautiful (2:26)
12. From Sarah with Love (2:51)
13. Killing Me Softly (4:02)
14. Hot Stuff (3:11)
15. Wigwam (2:53)
16. Night Train (2:45)


Everybody Loves Somebody

Max Greger ~ Oscar-Melodien zum Tanzen

01. Gonna fly now (3:11)
02. I just called to say I love you (3:21)
03. Never on sunday (1:42)
04. Chattanooga choo choo (1:39)
05. Carioca (2:11)
06. Endless love (1:39)
07. Up where we belong (1:46)
08. Raindrops keep falling on my head (2:41)
09. Flashdance (1:43)
10. Footloose (1:47)
11. Moon river (1:40)
12. Tammy (1:24)
13. The continental (1:37)
14. I've got you under my skin (1:39)
15. Love story (1:38)
16. Schiwagomelodie (Lara's Theme) (1:35)
17. More (1:33)
18. Love letters (1:23)
19. Que sera (Whatever will be, will be) (1:23)
20. Chim chim cheree (1:20)
21. Somewhere over the rainbow (3:47)
22. Cabaret (2:07)


Never on sunday 


Quartango ~ Espresso

Quartango creates music that vibrates in the chest, awakens emotions and plays on the heartstrings.
One, two, three... and four! The last beat lags behind before catching up; the rhythm slides off the metronome for a moment — and the emotions find themselves in disarray. The tango can't be timed according to the measured rhythm of the pulse: its tempo is defined by the spaces in which the heart has its say. The tango sets the feet dancing because it brings to the ear the resonances of the very things that disconcert us in life: the things that make us fall in love, as well as the patterns woven into the carpets of routine.

Many tango ensembles limit themselves to the established repertoire. Quartango, on the other hand, does not rely solely on traditional titles, but takes the risk of including new pieces in its repertoire. In Tango sulla morte d'un eroe, Richard Hunt awakens echoes of a tango already suggested by Beethoven's poignant romanticism. Bernard Falaise's L'Envoi de Pantaleon gives the tango present-day intonations, while Ramon Pelinski's El Expatriado and Neurotango inscribe the tango in the nomadic tradition.

Whether through new melodies or new arrangements, Quartango makes a distinct statement without hyperbole. Rather than simply play the tango, these four "expert" musicians with their classical training bring the full range of their knowledge to every piece they perform. These sons of the Conservatory have chosen the tango as a man would choose to marry against the wishes of his family, but without feeling obliged to play the role of Pygmalion with respect to his lowly protegee. The members of the band are not playing on their own turf, but neither were the immigrants who gave birth to the tango in Buenos Aires! In other words, the tango doesn't always have to speak with an Argentinian accent.

To all those who are tired of swinging back and forth between retro and world music Quartango offers more than a visit to the land of the tango. The group does not mere­ly adapt yesterday's music to today's tastes. At the crossroads between jazz and virtu­osity, at the point where mood and humour meet, this recording provides a springboard for us to plunge into a pool of fresh musical sensations.

01. A Media Luz (4:07)
02. Canaro En Paris (3:53)
03. Bando (3:24)
04. Tango Sulla Morte D'Un Eroe (6:57)
05. L'Envol De Pantaleón (5:37)
06. Neurotango (7:19)
07. Vassalean (4:56)
08. B.,G. & B. (3:34)
09. Balada Para Un Loco (3:17)
10. El Expatriado (4:31)
11. Zum (5:26)
12. La Milonga De Buenos Aires (3:11)

El Expatriado

Canaro En Paris 

The Bob Crewe Generation ~ Music to watch girls by

Pepsi used the slogan "Come Alive! You're in the Pepsi Generation" and a melody titled "Music to Watch Girls By" in their mid-'60s advertisements. Legendary producer Bob Crewe took his cue from the T-Bones, who had enjoyed a hit the previous year with an Alka-Seltzer jingle, and turned Pepsi's theme and slogan into the first Top 40 hit to bear Crewe's name as artist. The Bob Crewe Generation's rendition of "Music to Watch Girls By" went to Number 15 in 1967, and exemplified the groovy state of instrumental music at that time. The tune was soon recorded by Billy Vaughn and had to contend with competing vocal and instrumental versions by, respectively, Andy Williams and Al Hirt. The album Music to Watch Girls By made the Top 100 and featured the title track alongside instrumental versions of other well-known hits Crewe had written and/or produced, such as the Four Seasons' "Let's Hang On," Eddie Rambeau's "Concrete and Clay," and the Toys' "A Lover's Concerto." The B-side of the "Music to Watch Girls By" single, "Girls on the Rocks," was included too, as well as the ubiquitous "Winchester Cathedral." Hutch Davie's arrangements are eclectic in that distinctive late-'60s style, with horns, vibes, flamenco guitar and prominent percussion lending a vaguely ethnic feel. For a contemporary pop culture reference point, Music to Watch Girls By would have been perfectly suitable soundtrack material for the film Austin Powers.

A1  Anna 3:09
A2  Felicidade (Theme From Black Orpheus) 2:37
A3  Theme From A Man And A Woman 3:21
A4  Let's Hang On 3:09
A5  Music To Watch Girls By 2:41 

B1  Concrete And Clay 3:01
B2  Theme For A Lazy Girl 3:09
B3  A Lover's Concerto 2:31
B4  Girls On The Rocks 2:40
B5  Winchester Cathedral

Music To Watch Girls By

Paul Mauriat ~ Prestige de Paris (1966)

Paul Mauriat (Marseille, 4 March 1925 – 3 November 2006 in Perpignan) was a French orchestra leader, specializing in light music. Mauriat grew up in Marseilles and began leading his own band during the Second World War. In the 1950s he became musical director to at least two well-known French singers, Charles Aznavour and Maurice Chevalier, touring with them respectively. Mauriat composed the music for several French soundtracks (also released on Bel-Air) including Un Taxi Pour Tobrouk (1961), Horace 62 (1962) and Faites Sauter La Banque (1964). Many of Mauriat’s recordings are recompositions of other composers’ songs and music. Mauriat relied heavily on strings and synthesiser to create interesting music. The arrangements are usually very bright and busy with sensible use of the percussive section to deliver a grand style of performance. In his 70s and 80s live concerts, Mauriat often used singers to provide backing for numbers such as Penelope, Love is Blue and the World Melody section he arranged for his 1980 and 1982 concerts.

01. C'est si Bon (2:49)
02. Sous les ponts de Paris (2:44)
03. La vie en rose (2:25)
04. The Song From Moulin Rouge (2:27)
05. Domino (2:31)
06. La mer (2:45)
07. La Goualante du Pauvre Jean (2:04)
08. Les feuilles morte (2:31)
09. La Seine (2:18)
10. Parlez-moi d'amour (2:28)
11. Fascination (2:20)
12. Mon homme (2:22)
13. Milord (1959) (1:49)


Engelbert Humperdinck ~ King of Hearts (1973)

This was Engelbert's last official release on "DECCA" label.  A beautiful collection with different arrangements and production.  It differs a lot form the Reed-Mason formula, and perhaps this fact alone was the reason this album remained relatively obscure.  The real show stoppers are "I'm leaving you", a heartbreaking ballad and "That's what it's all about" with arrangement that was way ahead of its time.  Paul Anka's "Do I love you" is another highlight, along with "Only your love" a beautiful theme from the movie "Vallachi Papers"   This album is definitely worth owning and listening.

01. My Summer Song 
02. I'm Stone In Love With You 
03. Do I Love You 
04. Somebody Waiting 
05. The Most Beautiful Girl 
06. I'm Leaving You 
07. Eternally 
08. Only Your Love (from movie "The Valachi Papers") 
09. That's What It's All About 
10. Songs We Sang Together 

I'm Leaving You

That's What It's All About 

Top Fifteen Flower Power

This rather odd LP on "Fontana" label remains very rare even in Holland where it was initially released.  Not a bad concept except that there are no liner notes on actual arrangers/performers or producers of this unique looking and sounding recording.   The title tune "The last waltz" is anything but a "flower power" yet it mixes nicely with the rest of the selections.  All of the music on this LP can be found on Dutch CD release "Top of the pops" except "Zabadak".  The CD is also very hard to come buy and even though it contains a total of  25 tunes including a pretty decent cover of  Bee Gees' "Massachusetts" it does not offer anything spectacular  compared to LP.  In any case, it would be a nice addition to ever growing list of oddities from the 60s and 70s.  

01. The Last Waltz (3:12)
02. Let's Go To San Francisco (3:46)
03. Creeque Alley (4:02)
04. Flowers In The Rain (2:16)
05. Even The Bad Times Are Good (2:48)
06. Time Seller (Spencer Davis Group) (2:52)
07. Pleasant Valley Sunday (3:10)
08. Death Of A Clown (2:59)
09. Zabadak (3:47)
10. Itchycoo Park (2:36)
11. The House That Jack Built (3:09)
12. The Letter (1:59)
13. Jackson (2:49)
14. Good Times (3:07)
15. There Is A Mountain (2:30)

The Last Waltz 
Let's Go To San Francisco

Paul Englishby ~ Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Soundtrack)

Directed by Bharat Nalluri, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day follows the frumpy title character through late-1930s high-society London, and composer Paul Englishby's score perfectly evokes both the era and location. Conducted and orchestrated by Englishby, these jazzy tunes are alternately lively ("Cocktail Swing") and delicate ("Miss Petigrew"), with stars Amy Adams and Lee Pace stealing the show on the tender ballad "If I Didn't Care."

01. Introduction (0:59)
02. Brother Can You Spare a Dime (2:18)
03. Delysia LaFosse (3:40)
04. Miss Pettigrew (1:13)
05. T'aint What You Do (2:45)
06. A Person Can Change (2:45)
07. Delysia's Dilemma (2:36)
08. Elegant Society (2:09)
09. Edyth's Beauty Salon (1:48)
10. London Alone (1:08)
11. Cocktail Swing (3:50)
12. An Engagement (1:36)
13. Miss Pettigrew's Waltz (1:40)
14. Amy Adams & Lee Pace - If I Didn't Care (3:07)
15. Sock Him in the Jaw (1:35)
16. Off to New York (1:57)
17. If You'll Have Me (1:59)
18. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2:14)

If I didn't care

Miss Pettigrew lives for a day

Max Greger ~ Tanzen '96

01. America (Samba - 50 TPM) (4:28)
02. Je t'aime mon amour (Rumba - 24 TPM) (3:33)
03. All I Wanna Do (Cha Cha Cha - 30 TPM) (3:39)
04. Allright, Okay, You Win (Jive - 35 TPM) (3:07)
05. Turniertango (Tango - 32 TPM) (3:12)
06. Golden Wings (Rumba - 28 TPM) (2:33)
07. Muy Macho (Cha Cha Cha - 32 TPM) (3:11)
08. Jeepers Creepers (Quickstep - 49 TPM) (2:18)
09. Goodnight My Dear (Slowaltz - 30 TPM) (2:16)
10. Classic For Dancers (Slowfox - 29 TPM) (2:27)
11. Honey Suckle Rose (Foxtrott - 46 TPM) (2:52)
12. Schatzwalzer (Wienerwalzer - 60 TPM) (4:46)
13. Blue Blues (Blues - 20 TPM) (2:45)
14. Samba Samba (Samba - 50 TPM) (3:04)
15. Perez Prado - Medley (Cha Cha Cha - 32 TPM) (7:34)


Allright, Okay, You Win


Toquinho e Vinicius ~ Um pouco de ilusão (1980)


One of the most influential artist of his time in Brazil, Vinicius de Moraes has his sucessful partnership with guitar virtuoso Toquinho explored in this album. The songs are in a sofisticated jazzy style that incorporates most of the Brazilian samba or bossa nova origins. The result is a unique rythym, beautiful, soulful and very rich.

01. Escravo da alegria (3:49)
02. Oilá (2:47)
03. Valsa do bordel (3:14)
04. Samba pra Endrigo (4:21)
05. Minha luz apagou (3:13)
06. Até rolar pelo chão (3:13)
07. Por que será (2:45)
08. Golpe errado (2:53)
09. Caro Raúl (2:19)
10. Gilda (3:01)
11. Amigos meus (4:00)

 Escravo da alegria

Até rolar pelo chão


Bee Gees ~ Spirits Having Flown (1979)

Spirits Having Flown was the most complex and ambitious album the Bee Gees ever worked on, taking much of 1978 to complete. Barry said that he felt it had to live up to the sensational success of Saturday Night Fever. This only heightened any tendencies the Bee Gees had toward perfectionism, Barry in particular. No doubt each song has many, many recording dates, as they carefully recorded and re-recorded each nuance, but none of the actual dates are known. There was a break from about the second week of May to the last week of July. Production was much more advanced than the group's previous albums, with heavy use of studio effects and multi-layered vocal harmonies. On the other hand, it meant that most of the songs on Spirits Having Flown were unsuitable for live performance.
Co-producer Albhy Galuten recalls Spirits Having Flown as being created primarily by Barry Gibb, Karl Richardson and himself putting in long days and nights at Criteria Studios. Blue Weaver recalls others being involved. Both agree that Robin Gibb was active behind the scenes in songwriting and offering feedback to the recording process, but Maurice Gibb contributes probably the least he did on any Bee Gees album. Not only was his alcoholism sapping his creativity, but he was having back pains finally diagnosed in 1980 as caused by a bad disk.
In the recording phase Robin and Maurice now mainly played the role of backing and harmony vocalists, and even in that capacity Barry did many of the vocal dubs himself as he went over and over the recorded work. Robin contributed one lead vocal ("Living Together") which was sung in falsetto with Barry providing alternating lead vocals in his normal register. This was Robin's lowest amount of lead vocals on any Bee Gees album with the exception of 1970's Cucumber Castle, for which he was not part of the group at that time. As with the last four Bee Gees albums, Maurice did not have any lead vocals.
The Bee Gees had been effectively typecast as a disco group after Saturday Night Fever, and in a 1978 interview Barry remarked "People think we're just about disco now. Of course that's not true. If you look at the SNF soundtrack, there's some dance music, but we also have ballads like More Than A Woman." In an effort to break away from this stigma, Spirits Having Flown contained no dance tracks.
The horn section from Chicago (James Pankow, Walt Parazaider and Lee Loughnane) made a guest appearance on this album. At the time, they were next door working on the Chicago album Hot Streets. Thus the Bee Gees would return the favour as they appeared on Chicago's song "Little Miss Lovin'" and their keyboardist Blue Weaver appeared on "No Tell Lover"

01. Tragedy (5:05)
02. Too Much Heaven (4:57)
03. Love You Inside Out (4:13)
04. Reaching Out (4:06)
05. Spirits (Having Flown) (5:21)
06. Search, Find (4:15)
07. Stop (Think Again) (6:41)
08. Living Together (4:23)
09. I'm Satisfied (3:58)
10. Until (2:27)

Spirits (Having Flown)