01 Valenia (3:35)
02 Whisper softly, love to me (3:01)
03 In the space of the moment (2:46)
04 Perhaps (2:35)
05 Once in every life (4:17)
06 A love like this (2:40)
07 Is this the place (3:19)
08 When you're near to me (2:39)
09 Last night I saw the beauty (2:53)
10 In some tomorrow (2:40)
11 The secret of paradise (3:40)
12 My last goodbye (3:07)


Mikis Theodorakis ~ My Holidays In Rodos

a1 Zorbas (4:03)
a2 Varka Sto Yalo (2:32)
a3 Strose To Soma Stou (3:21)
a4 Kaymos (4:19)
a5 Doxa To Theo (3:01)
a6 Vracho Vracho (2:38)
a7 To Pallikari Echi Kaymo (2:09)

b1 Balanda Tou Andrikou (3:34)
b2 Margarita Margaro (3:03)
b3 Aprilis (2:29)
b4 Avgi (2:08)
b5 Imaste Dio (2:22)
b6 Kyklamino (1:57)
b7 S' Afti Ti Gitonia (1:43)
[sorry, no ID tags, too much work]

Strose To Soma Stou 


The Les Humphries Singers ~ The Best Of [1992]

Not particularly popular in the USA, The Les Humphries Singers was a 1970s musical group formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1969[1] by the English born Les Humphries who had been inspired to do his own version of the Edwin Hawkins Singers. The group consisted of a large number of singers of diverse ethnic origin, some of whom such as John Lawton also performed with other groups. Another member was Jürgen Drews,[3] who later started a long-running solo career, starting with his 1976 hit in Germany, "Ein Bett im Kornfeld", a cover version of "Let Your Love Flow" by the Bellamy Brothers. Linda Thompson (born 21 September 1948 as Linda Übelherr), who had previously been a member of the Cornely Singers and Love Generation, was a member from 1973 to 1974, and later joined Silver Convention, and had a solo career as Linda G

The Les Humphries Singers performed a mix of popular music and gospel covers and had some success in Europe with this approach. Much like contemporary disco act Boney M., their music focused on Rhythm and blues, gospel, and disco, but often with psychedelic phasing or flanger effects on solos and bridges, and, much like James Last, much larger background choruses in the studio to emulate a live atmosphere. The Les Humphries Singers at the time brought something from the flair of the hippie movement into contemporary German-produced (but English-sung) pop music, especially due to their mixed ethnic background and peculiar fashion sense.

01. Mama Loo (4:09)
02. We Are Goin' Down Jordan (3:00)
03. Old Man Moses (3:18)
04. Take Care Of Me (2:45)
05. Mexico (3:45)
06. Jennifer Adam (3:26)
07. We'll Fly You To The Promised Land (2:55)
08. Carnival (4:15)
09. Kansas City (4:09)
10. Old Time Religion (3:19)
11. Rock My Soul (2:33)
12. Sing Sang Song (3:04)
13. Do I Kill You (3:32)
14. New Orleans (4:05)
15. Do You Wanna Rock And Roll (3:55)
16. Soolaimon (4:21)

Kansas City


Anthony Ventura ~ Music for making love

01. The Air That I Breathe (3:22)
02. Aranjuez (3:55)
03. Bilitis (3:42)
04. Blue Bayou (3:48)
05. Bright Eyes (2:46)
06. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (2:20)
07. El Condor Pasa (3:11)
08. Hotel California (4:59)
09. If You Go Away (3:35)
10. Nabuco (2:36)
11. Samba Pa Ti (2:35)
12. The Sound of Silence (3:14)


Donny & Marie Osmond ~ I'm leaving it (all) up to you [1974]

I'm Leaving It All Up To You is a debut album by Donny & Marie Osmond, released in 1974 Two singles were released from the album: "I'm Leaving It (All) Up To You" (Pop #4, also a minor #17 Country hit) and "Morning Side Of The Mountain" (Pop #8).

01. I'm Leaving It All Up To You (2:47)
02. Take Me Back Again (2:45)
03. A Day Late And A Dollar Short (2:55)
04. Everything Good Reminds Me Of (2:08)
05. Gone (2:49)
06. Morning Side Of The Mountain (3:01)
07. True Love (3:21)
08. It Takes Two (2:49)
09. The Umbrella Song (3:25)
10. Let It Be Me (3:06)


The Beatles ~ Hot as Sun [2010]

There are still deep rooted rumors about a Beatles album that was recorded between the months of February and May 1969. An issue of the music magazine “Rolling Stone” (September 17, 1970) first brought attention to this mysterious album, but the article was swamped with various guesses and vague information, presenting what seemed to be a puzzle to Beatles fans. Of course, as with any good unsolved puzzle, it became a legend.

According to the rumors, the master tape of the Beatles next album was stolen by an unidentified member of the Abbey Road studio personnel, and asked for a large amount of money from Beatles for its safe return. The thief is then said to have mistakenly carried the tapes through an airport x-ray machine, where they were promptly wiped clean. Of course, a legend such as this seems to deliberately seal the fate of the missing album, assuring that its mysterious contents would never reach the ears of curious fans. (It should also be noted that this story bares a strange resemblance to the plot of “Give My Regards To Broad Street!”)

But it is 2010, a long forty-one years since the “Hot As Sun” tapes were supposedly wiped from the face of the earth. A lot can happen in that amount of time – urban legends can be reborn and envolve greatly. The “hot As Sun” legend still lives on. And so, on this compact disc is an attempt to recreate the twelve tracks that supposedly made up that lost album.

01. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (3:42)
02. Don't Let Me Down (3:11)
03. Hot As Sun (1:24)
04. Junk (2:22)
05. Polyphene Pam (1:24)
06. Octopus's Garden (2:51)
07. I Should Like To Live Up A Tree (1:00)
08. Zero Is Just Another Even Number (1:09)
09. What's The New Mary Jane (2:35)
10. Dirty Old Man (2:56)
11. Madman (1:15)
12. Watching Rainbows (3:33)

Raymond Lefèvre ~ Musique de Films [1969]

01. Neretva (2:34)
02. Toute la pluie tombe sur moi (Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head) (2:39)
03. Un jour pour nous (A Time For Us) (2:44)
04. Les jeunes loups (I'll Never Leave You) (2:46)
05. Tous les deux près d'un berceau (Sleep Safe And Warm) (2:45)
06. Un homme et une femme (A Man And A Woman) (2:19)
07. Il était une fois dans l'ouest (Once Upon A Time In The West) (2:39)
08. Le clan des siciliens (3:02)
09. 13 jours en France (13 Days In France) (2:51)
10. C'est ma chanson (This Is My Song) (2:02)
11. Isadora (2:41)
12. Bye Bye Barbara (2:53)


The Shadows ~ Guardian Angel [1984]

Guardian Angel was the group's first album to be released on LP and CD simultaneously and only the group's second CD release. It had the distinction of being the group's 1980's album, consisting entirely of original material, except for one track. The album wasn't promoted with Polydor's marketing machine fully behind it and the album failed in commercial terms, spending just one week at number 98 on the British charts. Also, only two tracks were performed live by The Shadows and then only during the January to March 1985 "down-under" tour in Australia and New Zealand; the two tracks being "How Do I Love Thee" and "Hammerhead".

01. How Do I Love Thee
02. Hammerhead
03. The Saturday Western
04. Look Back On Love (from the film 'Terminal Choice')
05. Johnny Staccato
06. I Will Return
07. (I'm gonna be your) Guardian Angel
08. Can't Play Your Game
09. On A Night Like This
10. Turning Point
11. Our Albert

turning point 


Quincy Jones ~ Big Band Bossa Nova

Another fabulous feel good nostalgia recording that makes you want to throw a cocktail party! It’s just like a time travel escapade to the suburban set and penthouse parties circa ultra chic 50’s and 60’s in Manhattan whilst Rock Hudson, Julie London, Doris Day, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Kirk Douglas, Grace Kelly, Shirley MacLaine and Audrey Hepburn were the guest of honors. Soul Bossa Nova takes a special position mostly because it has been used in so many occasion and played in the coolest venue, the trendiest Lounge bars and most conservative country clubs! A must have collection. (PS: It’s cocktail party time! Shaken. Stirred. Sip the martini and let’s dance)

01. Soul Bossa Nova (2:47)
02. Boogie Stop Shuffle (2:44)
03. Desafinado (2:57)
04. Manha de Carnaval (2:57)
05. Se E Tarde Me Pardoa (4:25)
06. On the Street Where You Live (2:36)
07. Samba de Una Nota So (2:04)
08. Lalo Bossa Nova (3:13)
09. Serenata (3:21)
10. Chega de Saudade (5:39)
11. A Taste of Honey (2:58)

Lightning Seeds ~ Sense [1992]

This is probably one of the best pop/alternative releases made in the 90's ! The layered, complex arrangements and deep meaningful lyrics make this album an exceptional experience.

01. Sense (4:12)
02. The Life Of Riley (4:05)
03. Blowing Bubbles (4:16)
04. A Cool Place (2:57)
05. Where Flowers Fade (5:03)
06. A Small Slice Of Heaven (3:50)
07. Tingle Tangle (3:22)
08. Happy (4:33)
09. Marooned (4:40)
10. Thinking Up Looking Down (5:19)


Engelbert Humperdinck ~ 20 Great Love Songs

01. A man and a women (3:33)
02. There goes my everything (2:54)
03. The way it use to be (3:13)
04. Take my heart (2:28)
05. From here to eternity (3:48)
06. Shadow in your smile (2:31)
07. Quando, quando, quando (3:18)
08. Les bicycletts de belsize (3:14)
09. Can't take my eyes of you (3:38)
10. The last waltz (3:04)
11. My world (3:05)
12. How near is love (2:43)
13. Winter world of love (3:20)
14. Release me (3:19)
15. A man without love (3:21)
16. Spanish eyes (3:12)
17. Quiet nights (2:38)
18. There's a kind of hush (2:59)
19. This is my song (3:20)
20. Those were the days (4:39)


Quincy Jones ~ Sounds... And Stuff Like That!!

With ears dead set on the trends of the moment but still drawing now and then on his jazz past, Quincy Jones came up with another classy-sounding pop album loaded with his ever-growing circle of musician friends. Disco was king in 1978 and Jones bows low with the ebullient dance hit "Stuff Like That" -- which is several cuts above the norm for that genre -- along with a healthy quota of elegantly produced soul ballads. Yet amidst the pop stuff, Jones still manages to do something fresh and memorable within the jazz sphere with a gorgeous chart of Herbie Hancock's "Tell Me a Bedtime Story." Hancock himself sits in impeccably on electric piano, and violinist Harry Lookofsky painstakingly overdubs one of Hancock's transcribed solos on 15 violins. Despite the cast of hundreds that is now de rigueur for Quincy Jones, the record does not sound over-produced due to the silken engineering and careful deployment of forces.

tracks 1
tracks 2
1. Stuff Like That (6:18)
2. I'm Gonna Miss You In The Morning (3:32)
3. Love, I Never Had It So Good (5:15)
4. Tell Me A Bedtime Story (6:46)
5. Love Me By Name (4:11)
6. Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) (5:27)
7. Takin' It To The Streets (4:24)


Anita Kerr ~ Hallelujah Guitars [1976]

Arranged and Conducted by Anita Kerr. Produced by Anita Kerr and Alex Grob.

01. Brighten The Corner (3:15)
02. The Lord Whom We Love (3:02)
03. The Savior Is Waiting (2:16)
04. Psalm 19 (3:26)
05. No One Understands Like Jesus (2:48)
06. Reach Out And Touch (3:11)
07. Fill My Cup, Lord (2:55)
08. A Common Love (2:36)
09. Pass It On (3:23)
10. Friend Of The Father (2:35)


Mars Lasar ~ Escape

Australian-born New Age composer and producer Mars Lasar first attracted attention in 1991 for his work on Seal's monster pop hit "Crazy; " his 1992 solo debut, Olympus, reached the Top Ten on the Progressive Adult Contemporary radio charts thanks in large part to its extensive use during CBS' broadcast of that year's Winter Olympic Games. Its follow-up, The Eleventh Hour, proved even more successful; Lasar next turned to interactive entertainment, composing the music for Sega's hit CD-ROM adventure game Tomcat Alley. After 1995's Escape, he issued the three-volume Mindscapes series a year later; subsequent releases included Olympic National Park, 1997's Song of the Manatee and 1998's 11:02. Karma appeared in spring 2001. In addition, Lasar produced dozens of production music CDs for companies across the globe.

01. Inner Sanctum (5:04)
02. Astronomer (5:14)
03. Sensuality (4:22)
04. Moonlight Cove (4:51)
05. Waves (4:55)
06. The Blessing (4:39)
07. Escape (3:49)
08. At One With You (5:02)
09. Walkabout (4:52)
10. The Anniversary (4:37)
11. Accelerator (2:57)
12. Amy's Lullaby II (4:24)
13. Unity (4:54)


Billy Vaughn plays the music you remember

01. Sail Along Silv'ry Moon (2:00)
02. Wheels (2:05)
03. Stranger On The Shore (2:09)
04. Theme From A Summer Place (2:43)
05. Pearly Shells (2:19)
06. My Melody Of Love (2:21)
07. Red Sails In The Sunset (2:03)
08. Petite Fleur (2:37)
09. Harbor Lights (2:09)
10. Moonlight Bay (1:48)
11. Tiny Bubbles (2:09)
12. Sweet Leilani (2:38)
13. Have You Ever Been Mellow. (3:53)
14. Take Me Home Country Roads (2:30)
15. The Hustle (4:08)
16. Solitaire. (3:42)
17. Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (3:14)
18. Only Yesterday (3:43)
19. Sunshine On My Shoulders (3:10)
20. Wonderland By Night (2:56)


Randy Crawford ~ Every kind of mood

Every Kind of Mood may not quite deliver on the promise of the title, but it's nevertheless a fine collection of smooth urban R&B and adult contemporary pop. To her credit, Randy Crawford decides to push forward a little bit -- for every schmaltzy "Captain of Her Heart," there's something as stylish and unexpected as the cover of Massive Attack's "Hymn of the Big Wheel." It's moments like "Big Wheel," "Are You Sure" and the version of Aretha Franklin's "Johnny" that make the missteps forgivable and make Every Kind of Mood an engaging listen.

01. Breaking Down (4:26)
02. Bye Bye (3:57)
03. I'd Be An Angel (4:49)
04. Unwounded (3:09)
05. Are You Sure (4:31)
06. Sweet Regine (4:13)
07. Johnny (2:44)
08. Let It Rain (3:53)
09. Silence (3:47)
10. Changes (4:42)
11. Almaz (4:30)
12. Captain Of Her Heart (4:58)
13. Wishing On A Star (4:52)
14. Honey For My Honey (4:26)
15. Hymn Of The Big Wheel (6:01)

Captain Of Her Heart


Lee Blaske ~ The Immortal Kiss of the Vampire

01. Exile (1:04)
02. Day's Surrender (4:32)
03. Last Romance (5:37)
04. Courtship (1:02)
05. The Pulse Of Night (5:07)
06. Beneath The Blood-Hot Moon (5:17)
07. Union (1:04)
08. The Dream (4:41)
09. Spirit Dance (4:52)
10. Confession (1:03)
11. The Lost Music Of The Vampire (4:40)
12. Ancient Heart (6:06)
13. Confession <Reprise> (0:48)


Francis Goya ~ Grand Collection [2004]

tracks 1
tracks 2
01. La Playa (3:59)
02. Perfidia (2:36)
003. Historia De Un Amor (2:35)
04. Solamente Una Vez (3:09)
05. Cuando Sali De Cuba (2:36)
06. Mona Lisa (3:12)
07. Nostalgia (2:49)
08. Amor De Mis Amores (4:12)
09. On This Night Of A 1000 Stars (2:39)
10. Magic Moments (3:45)
11. Try A Little Tenderness (2:38)
12. Heavenly (3:11)
13. Guitar Tango (3:26)
14. Emmanuelle (3:42)
15. Magic Is The Moonlight (3:16)
16. Amor Amor Amor (2:39)
17. Why Worry (2:31)
18. Always In My Heart (3:42)
19. Cossack Patrol
20. Anjushka
21. Song Of The Volga Boatman
22. Lights Of Moscow
23. The Old Rowantree
24. Two Guitars
25. Dark Eyes


Waldo de los Rios ~ Sinfonias [1971]

De los Rios is best-remembered for his ability to transform European classical music into pop music. His 1971 arrangement of Mozart's Symphony No. 40 recorded with the Manuel de Falla orchestra, reached the top spot in the Dutch charts and scored a top 10 hit in several other European countries. In 1970, prior to this success, Waldo de los Rios had already climbed the charts around Europe and America with Ludwig van Beethoven's Ode To Joy which he arranged and conducted for Miguel Ríos. His record Mozart in the Seventies rearranged famous Mozart pieces in a contemporary style, with a large percussion section.

1. Beethoven "Novena Sinfonia En Re-Menor Coral" - 4° Movimiento "Oda a la alegria"
2. Schubert "Octava Sinfonia En Si Minor 'Incompleta'" - 1° Movimento (allegro moderato)
3. Mozart "Sinfonia N° 40 En Sol Menor K 550" - 1° Movimiento (allegro molto)
4. Brahms "Tercera Sinfonia En Fa Mayor - 3° Movimiento (poco allegretto)
5. Dvorak "Sinfonia N° 9 Opus 95 "Nuevo Mundo" - 4° Movimiento (Menuetto)
6. Haydn "Sinfonia De Los Juguetes - Do Mayor" 2° Movimiento (Menuetto)
7. Tchaikovski "Sinfonia N° 5 En Mi Menor" - 2° Movimiento (andante, cantabile, con alcuna licenza)
8. Mendelssohn "Quarta Sinfonia En La Mayor 'Italiana'" - 1° Movimiento (allegro vivace) - 2° Movimiento (andante con moto)


Francis Goya in Moscow [2009]

01. Kalinka
02. Because of the island to the rod
03. Hey, Uhnem
04. Monotonous bells
05. Polyushko-field
06. Long road
07. Moscow nights
08. Dnepr roars and groans wide
09. Black Eyes
10. Oh, Forget
11. Gipsy
12. Gypsy melodies
13. My happiness
14. Melody


Chuck Mangione ~ Children Of Sanchez OST [1979]

01. Children Of Sanchez (Overture) (14:10)
02. Lullabye (3:52)
03. Fanfare (1:08)
04. Pilgrimage (Part I) (2:59)
05. Pilgrimage (Part II) (2:40)
06. Consuelo's Love Theme (17:04)
07. Hot Consuelo (4:04)
08. Death Scene (4:44)
09. Market Place (3:12)
10. Echano (2:43)
11. Bellavia (3:16)
12. Lullabye (3:42)
13. Medley (8:22)
14. B'Bye (8:30)
15. Children Of Sanchez (Finale) (3:06)


Tom Jones ~ Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings [1967]

A1 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings 2:52
A2 Riders In The Sky 3:10
A3 He'll Have To Go 3:20
A4 Sixteen Tons 3:05
A5 Two Brothers 3:18
A6 All I Get From You Are Heartaches 2:48
B1 Detroit City 3:30
B2 Ring Of Fire 2:40
B3 A Field Of Yellow Daisies 3:22
B4 Cool Water 4:10
B5 (I Wish I Could) Say No To You 2:41
B6 Mohair Sam 2:22


Various Artists ~ In Search Of Angels

In Search of Angels is the soundtrack to the television special of the same name. It features 16 tracks by 11 different artists. Tim Story composed and performed six of the pieces, five of which are unique to this CD. The other artists represent an eclectic array of styles, from k.d. lang to the American Boychoir. It is a Windham Hill offering, so quality is assumed from the get-go. The surprises are the deep, spiritual chorales. The St. Olaf Choir performs a version of "Star in the East" with two sopranos, a tenor, and a hammered dulcimer. It is the highlight of a remarkable collection. All in all, this hour of listening bliss is an essential collection.

01. Tim Story - Theme from In Search Of Angels (2:07)
02. Jane Siberry with k.d. lang - Calling All Angels (5:16)
03. Tim Story - Angel Of The Elegies (2:43)
04. The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge - Requiem In Paradisum (Faure) (3:34)
05. Wim Mertens - Close Cover (3:13)
06. Tim Story - Voices In The Liquid Air (2:27)
07. Therese Schroeder-Sheker - Assumpta Est Maria In Coefum (3:37)
08. St. Olaf Choir - Star In The East (5:50)
09. Tim Story - Angelos (2:02)
10. Patty Larkin - Good Thing (Angels Running) (4:32)
11. Mark Isham - Love's Ash Dissolves (1:20)
12. Ray Lynch - The Oh Of Pleasure (5:17)
13. Oystein Sevag - Reflection (2:37)
14. Tim Story - Woman At The Well (3:31)
15. The American Boychoir - Jesus Christ The Apple Tree (3:08)
16. Tim Story - Theme Reprise (2:39)


Paul McCartney ~ McCartney [1970]

McCartney was released in the UK on 17 April 1970, and a few days later, on the 20th, in the US. In the UK, McCartney debuted straight at number 2, where it remained for three weeks. It was only denied the top spot by the best-selling album of 1970, Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water. On the day of release, owner of Associated Television, Lew Grade, described the album as "absolutely brilliant".  By 15 May, the album had over 1 million copies in the US, and on 23 May, reached number one,[5] eventually going 2x platinum.

The album was widely criticized for its "homespun" approach and "half-written" songs. The UK's rock bible Melody Maker declared that "With this record, his debt to [Beatles producer] George Martin becomes increasingly clear"; the reviewer found "sheer banality" in all the tracks save for "Maybe I'm Amazed". Shortly after the album's release, George Harrison described the same song and "That Would Be Something" as "great", but the rest, he said, "just don't do anything for me". Harrison added that, unlike himself, Lennon, and Starr, McCartney was probably too "isolated" from other musicians: "The only person he's got to tell him if the song's good or bad is Linda." Lennon stated in his 1970 interview with Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner that, given McCartney's penchant for demanding perfectionism in the studio from his fellow Beatles, he was surprised at the lack of quality in the album; Lennon also made several remarks comparing McCartney negatively to his own solo album debut, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band.
When the new remastered version was released in 2011 as part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, the album re-entered the charts in the UK, Netherlands, France and Japan.

01. The Lovely Linda (0:45)
02. That Would Be Something (2:42)
03. Valentine Day (1:44)
04. Every Night (2:40)
05. Hot As Sun + Glasses (2:08)
06. Junk (1:57)
07. Man We Was Lonely (3:00)
08. Oo You (2:50)
09. Momma Miss America (4:07)
10. Teddy Boy (2:25)
11. Singalong Junk (2:37)
12. Maybe I'm Amazed (3:55)
13. Kreen -- Akrore (4:13)

Quincy Jones ~ The Dude

The Dude is a 1981 studio album by American musician and producer Quincy Jones. The album featured the debut of vocalist James Ingram on the singles "Just Once" and "One Hundred Ways," which reached no. 17 and 14, respectively, on the Billboard Hot 100. It also contained "Razzamatazz", which reached no. 11 in the UK Singles Chart, one of his few hits there. He won the Grammy award for best R&B vocal performance for his work on the album. Belgian harmonica player and puccaloist Toots Thielemans also contributed to the album, appearing on the instrumental track "Velas". The song was sampled by Jodeci on their 1996 single "Get on Up" which appeared on their third album The Show, the After Party, the Hotel as well as producers Shut Up and Dance for the track "Waking Up" which appeared on Nicolette's first album Now Is Early.
The album won three Grammy Awards, one for Best Instrumental Arrangement, Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Best Instrumental Arrangement (Accompanying Vocalists) and also earned Ingram three Grammy nominations for Best New Artist, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for "Just Once" and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for "One Hundred Ways", for which he won at the 24th Grammy Awards in 1982.

1. Ai No Corrida (6:27)
2. The Dude (5:37)
3. Just Once (4:33)
4. Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me (3:46)
5. Sometin' Special (3:57)
6. Razzamatazz (4:15)
7. One Hundred Ways (4:19)
8. Velas (4:05)
9. Turn On The Action (4:22)


Perez Prado ~ Cuban Originals

Pérez Prado may not have invented the mambo, but he invented the style of mambo most people remember. The Cuban-born Prado had his first success developing his high-octane variation on the son montuno in Mexico in 1949. His angular arrangements with chugging rhythms were too radical for the Cuban recording establishment, but not for the Mexican film industry. Prado became the musical director sought by leading producers, and his soundtracks attracted deserved attention back home--leading to a fruitful collaboration with vocalist Beny Moré. Many of the songs here bear the stamp of Prado's cinematic sweep, like "Sabor a Mi," where a picaresque muted trumpet scales peaks of throbbing brass, or the bombastic annunciation of "Besame Mucho." Because he was so ambitiously modernist, his oeuvre still sounds fresh today. A lightning-bug version of "Flight of the Bumblebee" casts off impressive solos with the nonchalance of a clown juggling while turning cartwheels. Gaudy and irresistible, these instrumentals--including two of Prado's earliest mambos--cross-pollinate swing era big band music and Afro-Cuban rhythms with the delicacy of a cymbal crash. Extra bonus: two songs prefiguring Prado's No. 1 American hit "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White."

01. Besame Mucho (3:10)
02. Peanut Vendor (El Manisero) (2:59)
03. Maria Bonita (2:43)
04. Historia De Un Amor (2:48)
05. Sabor A Mi (2:07)
06. Frenesi (2:00)
07. Granada (4:30)
08. Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma (2:50)
09. Mambo #5 (2:46)
10. Lupita (2:52)
11. Esperame En El Cielo (2:51)
12. Mambo Del Politecnico (3:16)
13. Flight of the Bumble Bee (2:45)
14. Cerezo Rosa (3:03)
15. Que Rico El Mambo (3:05)
16. Mambo #8 (3:08)


Various Artists ~ Peaceful Moods

I am not a big fan of compilations of this type. However, every now and then, someone actually puts a lot of thought into it. Unlike others, this is truly an outstanding compilation of contemporary and new age music. The variety of  compositions are just astonishing, full of delightful melodies. Includes works of great composers like Yanni, Vangelis, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Rolf Lovland, Jim Brickman, Clannad and others whose name may not be too familiar, but I can assure you, their music is surprisingly beautiful. Summarily, an extremely sweet, rewarding and enriching compilation.

01. Yanni - Aria (4:00)
02. The John Tesh Project - Tears in Heaven (4:11)
03. Clannad - Theme From Harry's Game (2:27)
04. George Winston - Joy (3:10)
05. Vangells - Chariots of Fire (titles) (3:32)
06. Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere over the Rainbow, What a Wonderful world (5:06)
07. Jim Brickman - By Heart (3:47)
08. Celtic Fayre - Watermark (2:48)
09. Tingstad & Rumbel - Fields of Gold (3:59)
10. Blessed Essence - Trouble (4:43)
11. John Williams - Cavatina (Theme from The Deer Hunter) (3:36)
12. Michael Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First, The Promise (4:19)
13. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (4:33)
14. William Orbit - Adagio for Strings (9:35)
15. Luis Enrique Bacalov - Bicycle (2:28)
16. The John Tesh Project feat. Lori Andrews - Fragile (4:40)
17. Secret Garden - Song from a Secret Garden (3:35)
18. Ennio Morricone - Theme from The Mission (2:53)


Engelbert Humperdinck ~ The Very Best of

An unusual collection comes from a little known K-Tel label.  All tracks are in mono, however the overall sound quality is very good.  Year of release unknown.

01 - Gentle On My Mind (2:47)
02 - What A Wonderful World (2:47)
03 - Am I that easy to forget (3:08)
04 - Take My Heart (2:30)
05 - Les bicyclettes de belsize (3:14)
06 - Spanish Eyes (3:17)
07 - The last waltz (3:04)
08 - There's a Kind of Hush (3:00)
09 - Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme From The Sandpiper) (2:35)
10 - Didn't We (4:04)
11 - A Time For Us (2:58)
12 - I Wish You Love (3:54)
13 - To the ends of the earth (2:32)
14 - Can't Take My Eyes Of You (3:41)
15 - A Man And A Woman (3:37)
16 - By The Time I Get To Phoenix (3:08)


Xavier Cugat ~ The Original Latin Dance King (2002)

Xavier Cugat had a recording career that stretched over many more years than are covered on this collection. But this single-disc, 26-song anthology of sides from the 1940s and 1950s has to be considered the best collection of his work. This was Cugat's prime, and the tracks boast better fidelity than those he made prior to 1940, if one considers his prime to have started earlier. Hearing these lively and exceptionally well-performed, pioneering blends of Latin, jazz, and pop music, one is surprised that Cugathas not gotten more serious critical respect along the lines of Machito and Tito Puente. The 1940-1957 span ensures a good deal of variety in the orchestral players and the numerous featured vocalists, with Miguelito Valdés handling those more often than anyone on various early-'40s songs, but several others (including one female singer, Abbe Lane) taking turns as well. "Babalu," presented here in a 1941 recording with Valdés on lead vocals, might be the most famous tune, but in truth this is virtually nonstop energy and fun mambo, cha cha, rumbo, and such, played with consummate timing and humor. This only occasional crosses over into novelty territory, with highlights including "Yo Ta Namoa," where Valdés unleashes some amazing stuttering phrasing; the cover of Pérez Prado's "Mambo Jambo"; and a gorgeous, cinematic version of "Besame Mucho."

01. Babalu (2:49)
02. Jamay (2:41)
03. Anana Boroco Tinde (2:49)
04. The Brand New Cha Cha (2:44)
05. Cuca (3:12)
06. Bim Bam Bum (3:01)
07. A Bailar Merengue (3:03)
08. Coco Seco (2:25)
09. Suavecito (3:18)
10. Miami Beach Rhumba (3:21)
11. Yo Quiero Un Mambo (2:44)
12. Son Los Dandis (2:34)
13. Mamba Jambo (3:17)
14. Ritmo Tropical (2:48)
15. (The Chi Chi) Cha Cha Cha (2:54)
16. Yo Ta Namora (2:53)
17. The Anything Can Happen Mambo (2:21)
18. Mambo Gordo (3:16)
19. Besame Mucho
20. Tumbao
21. Bread, Love And Cha Cha Cha
22. La Mucura
23. Cuban Mambo
24. Mondonguero
25. Mondongo
26. Who, Me?


The Shadows ~ Greatest Hits (1963)

A straightforward summary of the Shadows' first three years of habitual hit-making, opening with the pounding flurry of "Apache," then tracing through the next eight smash singles, with a handful of attendant B-sides (and one EP cut, the title track from The Boys) to round the package out. There is no denying the sheer brilliance of this early sequence. Hits like "Wonderful Land," "FBI," and "Man of Mystery" utterly rewrote the guitar's role in rock, not only musically, but culturally as well. Unquestionably, the Shadows' importance and impact diminished as the years passed, but at the outset of their career, the period documented here, they were untouchable. It is for that reason that The Shadows' Greatest Hits is still regarded in some quarters as the finest Shadows album of them all, an accolade which no other compilation (and goodness knows, there's been enough of them) has ever been able to dismiss. Even the sleeve screams "masterpiece."

01. Apache
02. Man Of Mystery
03. The Stranger
04. F.B.I.
05. Midnight
06. The Frightened City
07. Kon-Tiki
08. 36-24-36 [0:01:42.27]
09. The Savage
10. Peace Pipe
11. Wonderful Land
12. Stars Fell On Stockton [0:02:18.08]
13. Guitar Tango
14. The Boys
15. Dance On!


Herb Alpert ~ Bullish (1984)

Yes, Herb Alpert did indeed record an album in 1984 under the name Tijuana Brass for the first time in nine years -- and in fact, he took a Tijuana Brass contingent on tour that year with four of the original band members on hand. But this album has nothing to do with the old TJB, for the music is the same high-tech pop of the 1980s that Alpert had been mostly purveying since "Rise," and with synths galore, a frantic electronic dance beat on many numbers, and none of the original Brass on the sessions.

01. Bullish! (4:49)
02. Always have a dream (6:15)
03. Make a wish (4:35)
04. Maniac (3:51)
05. Struttin' on five (4:22)
06. Love without words (5:39)
07. Passion play (3:42)
08. Life is my song (6:27)


The New American Orchestra ~ Blade Runner

Orchestral adaptation of music composed for the motion picture by Vangelis

While Vangelis was relying almost exclusively on synthesizers and other electronic instruments, the new American Orchestra does it the old fashion way - the score was written for a jazz orchestra. Any attempts to compare the original soundtrack and orchestral rendition will do disservice to both, although I will always favor the orchestral arrangement. Some of the jazz licks that Vangelis incorporated into his music were often overshadowed by electronic effects. Here, through superb arrangements, they were nicely exploited using standard orchestral instruments. The real show stopper is "Blade Runner Blues" with a haunting trumpet solo. The synth technology has immensely advanced since 1982. Perhaps Vangelis could make some extra cash by re-arranging his music using cutting edge electronic instruments.
~Ars Nova~

01. Love Theme (4:16)
02. Main Title (5:05)
03. One More Kiss, Dear (4:02)
04. Memories Of Green (4:54)
05. End Title (4:18)
06. Blade Runner Blues (4:42)
07. Farewell (3:12)
08. End Title Reprise (3:05)


Esquivel ~ Other World Other Sounds (1958)

For his second American LP, released October 1958, Esquivelplays piano and provides arrangements not just for the 26-piece orchestra, but for the six-member Randy Van Horne Singers as well. The majority of the "singing" consists of various "zu," "ooh" and "ah" sounds, but that's all part of the charm. This three-day session was Esquivel's first opportunity to experiment with stereo recording. His dynamic use of the two-channel recording process is exciting and inventive. It's here that Esquivel's trademark sound starts to emerge. 'Course, most people probably bought the album because of the cosmic hottie on the cover and, I imagine, were amazed by Esquivel's quirky sound on first listen.

01 Granada
02 Begin The Beguine
03 Night And Day
04 Poinciana
05 Playfully
06 Adios
07 That Old Black Magic
08 Nature Boy
09 Magic Is The Moonlight
10 Speak Low
11 Ballerina
12 It Had To Be You
13 I Only Have Eyes For You
14 Anna (El Negro Zumbon)
15 Frenesi


Perez Prado ~ King of Mambo

Universally known as the King of the Mambo, Pérez Prado was the single most important musician involved in the hugely popular Latin dance craze.
Whether he actually created the rhythm is somewhat disputed, but it's abundantly clear that Prado developed it into a bright, swinging style with massive appeal for dancers of all backgrounds and classes.
Prado's mambo was filled with piercing high-register trumpets, undulating saxophone counterpoint, atmospheric organ (later on), and harmonic ideas borrowed from jazz. While his tight percussion arrangements allowed for little improvisation, they were dense and sharply focused, keeping the underlying syncopations easy for dancers to follow.
Prado played the piano, but was often more in his element as the focal point of the audience's excitement; he leaped, kicked, danced, shouted, grunted, and exhorted his musicians with a dynamic stage presence that put many more sedate conductors and bandleaders to shame.
With this blueprint, Prado brought mambo all the way into the pop mainstream, inspiring countless imitators and scoring two number one singles on the pop charts (albeit in a smoother vein than the fare that first made his name) as the fad snowballed.
He was a star throughout most of the Western Hemisphere during the '50s, and even after his popularity waned in the United States, he remained a widely respected figure in many Latin countries, especially his adopted home of Mexico. Prado is often best remembered for his softer, more commercial work, which has an undeniable kitschiness that plays well with modern-day lounge-revival hipsters.
Unfortunately, that has served to obscure his very real credentials in the realm of authentic, unadulterated Latin dance music, and to this day he remains somewhat under-appreciated.

01. Ciliegi Rosa (Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White) (2:26)
02. Mambo Jambo (Que Rico El Mambo) (2:21)
03. Patricia (2:21)
04. Mambo N. 5 (2:09)
05. Maria Bonita (2:47)
06. Mambo N. 8 (2:05)
07. Cu-cu-rru-cu-cu-paloma (2:52)
08. Isle Of Capri (1:48)
09. In A Little Spanish Town (2:33)
10. Adios Pampa Mia (2:06)
11. Moliendo Cafe (1:51)
12. Always In My Heart (2:44)
13. La Raspa (2:34)
14. Taboo (2:19)
15. Perfidia (2:33)
16. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) (2:18)
17. Frenesi (2:01)
18. You Belong To My Heart (2:43)
19. Alma Llanera (2:24)
20. Aquello Ojos Verdes (Green Eyes) (3:02)
21. Rockambo Baby (1:41)
22. Ay Ay Ay (2:15)
23. Tico Tico (1:49)
24. Mama Yo Quiero (2:05)
25. Adios (3:13)


Orchester Francis Lai ~ Goldstücke von Francis Lai

This collection is really exciting considering what it brings together: 62 tracks from various stages of Francis. Lai career. Surprisingly, there's very little by way of the "Man and A Woman" era. In other words, the tracks concentrate on the 70's/early 80's with by then "plucky" and synthesizer heavy arrangements. The big surprises, and there are a few, are the "Child Under a Leaf" tracks and the extra "Wings of Heart" tracks (the final 5 minute track on CD 3 being a real stunner). For those wishing to "catch up" on Mr. Lai's 1970/early 80's career (with rare tracks thrown in), this is highly recommended. Some tracks are taken from vinyl. All in all, a very nice collection worth owning and listening.

tracks 1
01. Anguish (4:25)
02. La Boule Rouge (2:16)
03. Child under a leaf (2:40)
04. Child under a leaf (2:31)
05. Child under a leaf (fin) (2:30)
06. Child's death (2:25)
07. Child's theme (4:50)
08. Dancing in the Night (3:47)
09. Amazonas (3:07)
10. Anette (3:27)
11. Ein Mann und eine Frau (3:14)
12. Karibische Nacht (3:40)
13. Linda (3:05)
14. Phantasie (3:34)
15. Puerto Rico (2:37)
16. Souvenir einer Sängerin (2:47)
17. Südseezauber (2:49)
18. Tanz der Mexikaner (3:13)
19. Domino and Josef (2:09)
20. Elisabeth et Giovanni (4:07)
21. Elisabeth et Giovanni (5:13)

tracks 2
01. Emmanuelle - L`amour d'aimer (2:57)
02. Emmanuelle - L`arrivee d`Emmanuelle (4:09)
03. Emmanuelle - La lecon d'amour d`Emmanuelle (4:04)
04. Emmanuelle - Le Jardin de jade (3:43)
05. Emmanuelle - Les fantasmes d`emmanuelle (5:35)
06. Emmanuelle - Rencontre a Bali (5:23)
07. Emmanuelle L`antivierge (1:50)
08. Emmanuelle L`antivierge (4:02)
09. Emmanuelle L`antivierge (2:54)
10. Et pour quoi pas une fanfare (1:30)
11. Smic smac smoc (2:23)
12. Generique (1:58)
13. It's gonna be one of this nights - langsam (4:05)
14. It's gonna be one of this nights - schnell (3:36)
15. Joseph's death (2:28)
16. La guihguetto (2:42)
17. La marche de occupation (2:30)
18. L'age tendre (3:01)
19. Le bon et les mechants (3:06)
20. Le bon et les mechants (2:53)
21. L'heure bleue (3:27)

tracks 3
01. Made in USA (2:56)
02. Nostalgia (2:56)
03. Par le sang des autres - Musik I (4:32)
04. Par le sang des autres - Musik II (2:49)
05. Remembering 1945 (3:20)
06. Remembering 1945 (2:58)
07. Roseland Rose (2:30)
08. Street Games (2:00)
09. Sweet Melody (3:14)
10. The mad race (3:12)
11. Theme pour une ombre (2:57)
12. Theme Sport (5:50)
13. Theme ville - Folk (4:40)
14. Three, two, one Love (3:38)
15. Un amour de pluie (4:18)
16. Un amour de pluie (1:58)
17. Un amour de pluie (5:23)
18. Voizure de ville (3:56)
19. Waiting for a call (1:10)
20. Wings of heart (5:00)

Wings of heart 


La Linea (OST)

All those old enough to watch TV in the 1970s should be familiar with that big-nosed cartoon character drawn as a single outline around his silhouette, walking on an infinite line of which he is a part: LA LINEA (also called Lui). Along with his distinctive outline, another unique feature of this popular character was the fact that he - to put it mildly - did not hold back his opinions, ranting, griping, sneering and gloating to his heart's content. La Linea's creator was the Italian cartoonist, Osvaldo Cavandoli, who recalls that he had the inspiration to "reduce everything to one line and express everything I wanted to say with this line" whilst tidying up his desk. Starting in 1972, around 100 episodes were broadcast in 40 countries. La Linea was Cavandoli's greatest success. He received a number of awards for his animations and was made a freeman of the city of Milan. Osvaldo Cavandoli died in 2007 at the age of 87.

An important feature of La Linea's success was the unique voice of the little hothead, who spoke, or rather ranted, in a fantasy language, which occasionally sounded like Italian, but was understood all over the world. His gibberish was not, as has been claimed, processed in any way but recorded by the great Italian voice actor Carlo Bonomi. Totally without technical aids, using nothing but his unusually multi-faceted voice and versatility, he made Mr. Linea's legendary temperamental outbursts audible. But these little cartoons were also supported by wonderful music, composed by a number of advertising jingle specialists, initially mainly by Franco Godi, later mostly by Corrado Tringali: wonderfully cheerful, swinging easy-listening gems, occasionally with hints of Latin music, which upon careful listening reveal that they were created not only as background music. BUREAU B have released the music from all episodes on CD, supported by two modern remixes. To liven up the CD further, the ever-popular Mr. Linea pipes up occasionally with a spiteful laugh or throws a little fit of rage.

01. Countodwn Uno [Dip Di Casa Mix]
02. Linea Cinque Impaziente (Risata Uno)
03. Liinea Tre Jazz Rapido
04. Zampognaro (Linea Preludio)
05. Linea Cinque Originale
06. Lui Commento Linea Tre Jazz Rapido
07. Linea Uno Voce Originale
08. Badubadu (Linea Sei)
09. Countdown Due [Linea Battuto Mix]
10. Sonatore Di Wild West
11. Baiubadu (Linea Due)
12. Linea Cinque Variante
13. Linea Cinque Bossa
14. Risatu Due (Linea Cinque Rock)
15. Linea Amore (Linea Cinque Midi)
16. Linea Quattro
17. Linea Cinque Chitarra
18. Baiubadu (Linea Due)
19. Trazom A. W. Edit
20. Vent'Anni Dopo
21. La Linea Sequito 206 Chitarra (Badubadu)
22. La Linea Seguito 125 (Baibadu)
23. La Linea Seguito 132 (Dudidubadu)
24. La Linea Seguito 8 (Dibidibidi)
25. Baiunbadu (Linea Due) Finale
26. Dankeschon

Countodwn Uno [Dip Di Casa Mix]


The Very Best Of Booker T & The MG's

As the house band at Stax Records in Memphis, TN, Booker T. & the MG's may have been the single greatest factor in the lasting value of that label's soul music, not to mention Southern soul as a whole. Their tight, impeccable grooves could be heard on classic hits by Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Carla Thomas, Albert King, and Sam & Dave, and for that reason alone, they would deserve their subsequent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But in addition to their formidable skills as a house band, on their own they were one of the top instrumental outfits of the rock era, cutting classics like "Green Onions," "Time Is Tight," and "Hang 'em High."

The anchors of the Booker T. sound were Steve Cropper, whose slicing, economic riffs influenced many other guitar players, and Booker T. Jones himself, who provided much of the groove with his floating organ lines. In 1960, Jones started working as a session man for Stax, where he met Cropper. Cropper had been in the Mar-Keys, famous for the 1961 instrumental hit "Last Night," which laid out the prototype for much of the MG's (and indeed Memphis soul's) sound with its organ-sax-guitar combo. With the addition of drummer Al Jackson and bassist Lewis Steinberg, they became Booker T. & the MG's. Within a couple years, Steinberg was replaced permanently by Donald "Duck" Dunn, who, like Cropper, had also played with the Mar-Keys.

The band's first and biggest hit, "Green Onions" (a number three single in 1962), came about by accident. Jamming in the studio while fruitlessly waiting for Billy Lee Riley to show up for a session, they came up with a classic minor-key, bluesy soul instrumental, distinguished by its nervous organ bounce and ferocious bursts of guitar. For the next five years, they'd have trouble recapturing its commercial success, though the standard of their records remained fairly high, and Stax's dependence upon them as the house band ensured a decent living.

01. Green Onions (2:55)
02. Chinese Checkers (2:29)
03. Groovin' (2:45)
04. Soul Dressing (3:00)
05. Boot-Leg (2:07)
06. My Sweet Potato (2:43)
07. Slim Jenkin's Place (2:31)
08. Booker-Loo (2:29)
09. Hip Hug-Her (2:26)
10. Mo' Onions (2:55)
11. Soul-Limbo (2:26)
12. Hang 'Em High (3:55)
13. Time Is Tight (3:16)
14. Mrs. Robinson (3:41)
15. Slum Baby (2:40)
16. Melting Pot (3:49)

Green onions

The time is tight


Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil

The soundtrack to Clint Eastwood's Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil brings to life the film's sordid tale and colorful cast of characters, making use of the music of Johnny Mercer to do the job. The album's roster boasts a wide variety of singers renowned for their interpretations of standards. Paula Cole gives an ominous treatment to "Autumn Leaves, and k.d. lang blesses "Skylark" with her trademark breathy stylings. Cassandra Wilson simply astounds in a smoldering, timeless take on "Days Of Wine And Roses," while Alison Kraus lends her fragile, endearing voice to "This Time The Dream's On Me." For good measure, the album features several tracks by stars perhaps better known for non-singing endeavors: Clint Eastwood himself jauntily tackles "Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive" and the film's star Kevin Spacey displays some impressive crooning on "That Old Black Magic."

01. K.D. Lang - Skylark (3:49)
02. Joe Williams - Too Marvelous For Words (3:40)
03. Paula Cole - Autumn Leaves (5:08)
04. Rosemary Clooney - Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) (4:11)
05. Brad Mehldau - Dream (5:09)
06. Cassandra Wilson - Days Of Wine And Roses (4:46)
07. Kevin Spacey - That Old Black Magic (3:32)
08. Alison Eastwood - Come Rain Or Come Shine (4:31)
09. Clint Eastwood - Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive (3:37)
10. Alison Krauss - This Time The Dream's On Me (3:46)
11. Kevin Mahogany - Laura (4:50)
12. Diana Krall - Midnight Sun (4:00)
13. Joshua Redman - I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) (5:02)
14. Tony Bennett - I Wanna Be Around (2:09)


Engelbert Humperdinck ~ Release me (1967)

In 1967,Humperdinck cut a pop-ballad version of "Release Me," previously a hit for country singer Ray Price and R&B chanteuse Esther Phillips; Humperdinck's cover made the song a standard. Given some exposure by the singer's last-minute addition to a bill at the London Palladium, it rocketed to the top of the British charts and sold over a million copies, ultimately keeping the Beatles' seminal double-sided hit "Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields Forever" out of the top spot. It also went to number four in America, where the accompanying album made the Top Ten.

01. Release Me (3:18)
02. Quiet Nights (2:39)
03. Yours Until Tomorrow (2:51)
04. There's A Kind Of Hush (3:00)
05. Ten guitars (2:37)
06. This is my song (3:25)
07. There Goes My Everything (2:53)
08. Take my heart (2:28)
09. My World (Il Mondo) (3:05)
10. Talking Love (3:04)
11. Walk Through This World (2:16)
12. How Near Is Love (2:42)

How near is love 


Engelbert Humperdinck (1969)

01. I'm a better man (2:48)
02. Gentle on my mind (2:50)
03. Love letters (2:20)
04. A time for us (2:59)
05. Didn't we (4:05)
06. I wish you love (3:53)
07. Aquarius/Let the sunsine in (3:47)
08. All you've got to do is ask (2:53)
09. Signs of love (3:17)
10. Cafe (2:59)
11. Let's kiss tomorrow goodbye (2:38)
12. Winter world of love (3:20)



The Anita Kerr Singers ~ The Genius in Harmony (1962)

01 Drown in My Own Tears
02 Yes Indeed!
03 Georgia On My Mind
04 Alexander’s Ragtime Band
05 Hard Times
06 What’d I Say
07 Swanee River Rock
08 What Would I Do Without You
09 Hit the Road Jack
10 I Believe to My Soul
11 Ruby
12 I Got a Woman


Every Kind Of Mood ~ Randy, Randi, Randee

Every Kind of Mood may not quite deliver on the promise of the title, but it's nevertheless a fine collection of smooth urban R&B and adult contemporary pop. To her credit, Randy Crawford decides to push forward a little bit -- for every schmaltzy "Captain of Her Heart," there's something as stylish and unexpected as the cover of Massive Attack's "Hymn of the Big Wheel." It's moments like "Big Wheel," "Are You Sure" and the version of Aretha Franklin's "Johnny" that make Every Kind of Mood an engaging listen.

01. Breaking Down (4:26)
02. Bye Bye (3:57)
03. I'd Be An Angel (4:49)
04. Unwounded (3:09)
05. Are You Sure (4:31)
06. Sweet Regine (4:13)
07. Johnny (2:44)
08. Let It Rain (3:53)
09. Silence (3:47)
10. Changes (4:42)
11. Almaz (4:30)
12. Captain Of Her Heart (4:58)
13. Wishing On A Star (4:52)
14. Honey For My Honey (4:26)
15. Hymn Of The Big Wheel (6:01)

Captain Of Her Heart