Orchester Francis Lai ~ Goldstücke von Francis Lai

This collection is really exciting considering what it brings together: 62 tracks from various stages of Francis. Lai career. Surprisingly, there's very little by way of the "Man and A Woman" era. In other words, the tracks concentrate on the 70's/early 80's with by then "plucky" and synthesizer heavy arrangements. The big surprises, and there are a few, are the "Child Under a Leaf" tracks and the extra "Wings of Heart" tracks (the final 5 minute track on CD 3 being a real stunner). For those wishing to "catch up" on Mr. Lai's 1970/early 80's career (with rare tracks thrown in), this is highly recommended. Some tracks are taken from vinyl. All in all, a very nice collection worth owning and listening.

tracks 1
01. Anguish (4:25)
02. La Boule Rouge (2:16)
03. Child under a leaf (2:40)
04. Child under a leaf (2:31)
05. Child under a leaf (fin) (2:30)
06. Child's death (2:25)
07. Child's theme (4:50)
08. Dancing in the Night (3:47)
09. Amazonas (3:07)
10. Anette (3:27)
11. Ein Mann und eine Frau (3:14)
12. Karibische Nacht (3:40)
13. Linda (3:05)
14. Phantasie (3:34)
15. Puerto Rico (2:37)
16. Souvenir einer Sängerin (2:47)
17. Südseezauber (2:49)
18. Tanz der Mexikaner (3:13)
19. Domino and Josef (2:09)
20. Elisabeth et Giovanni (4:07)
21. Elisabeth et Giovanni (5:13)

tracks 2
01. Emmanuelle - L`amour d'aimer (2:57)
02. Emmanuelle - L`arrivee d`Emmanuelle (4:09)
03. Emmanuelle - La lecon d'amour d`Emmanuelle (4:04)
04. Emmanuelle - Le Jardin de jade (3:43)
05. Emmanuelle - Les fantasmes d`emmanuelle (5:35)
06. Emmanuelle - Rencontre a Bali (5:23)
07. Emmanuelle L`antivierge (1:50)
08. Emmanuelle L`antivierge (4:02)
09. Emmanuelle L`antivierge (2:54)
10. Et pour quoi pas une fanfare (1:30)
11. Smic smac smoc (2:23)
12. Generique (1:58)
13. It's gonna be one of this nights - langsam (4:05)
14. It's gonna be one of this nights - schnell (3:36)
15. Joseph's death (2:28)
16. La guihguetto (2:42)
17. La marche de occupation (2:30)
18. L'age tendre (3:01)
19. Le bon et les mechants (3:06)
20. Le bon et les mechants (2:53)
21. L'heure bleue (3:27)

tracks 3
01. Made in USA (2:56)
02. Nostalgia (2:56)
03. Par le sang des autres - Musik I (4:32)
04. Par le sang des autres - Musik II (2:49)
05. Remembering 1945 (3:20)
06. Remembering 1945 (2:58)
07. Roseland Rose (2:30)
08. Street Games (2:00)
09. Sweet Melody (3:14)
10. The mad race (3:12)
11. Theme pour une ombre (2:57)
12. Theme Sport (5:50)
13. Theme ville - Folk (4:40)
14. Three, two, one Love (3:38)
15. Un amour de pluie (4:18)
16. Un amour de pluie (1:58)
17. Un amour de pluie (5:23)
18. Voizure de ville (3:56)
19. Waiting for a call (1:10)
20. Wings of heart (5:00)

Wings of heart 


La Linea (OST)

All those old enough to watch TV in the 1970s should be familiar with that big-nosed cartoon character drawn as a single outline around his silhouette, walking on an infinite line of which he is a part: LA LINEA (also called Lui). Along with his distinctive outline, another unique feature of this popular character was the fact that he - to put it mildly - did not hold back his opinions, ranting, griping, sneering and gloating to his heart's content. La Linea's creator was the Italian cartoonist, Osvaldo Cavandoli, who recalls that he had the inspiration to "reduce everything to one line and express everything I wanted to say with this line" whilst tidying up his desk. Starting in 1972, around 100 episodes were broadcast in 40 countries. La Linea was Cavandoli's greatest success. He received a number of awards for his animations and was made a freeman of the city of Milan. Osvaldo Cavandoli died in 2007 at the age of 87.

An important feature of La Linea's success was the unique voice of the little hothead, who spoke, or rather ranted, in a fantasy language, which occasionally sounded like Italian, but was understood all over the world. His gibberish was not, as has been claimed, processed in any way but recorded by the great Italian voice actor Carlo Bonomi. Totally without technical aids, using nothing but his unusually multi-faceted voice and versatility, he made Mr. Linea's legendary temperamental outbursts audible. But these little cartoons were also supported by wonderful music, composed by a number of advertising jingle specialists, initially mainly by Franco Godi, later mostly by Corrado Tringali: wonderfully cheerful, swinging easy-listening gems, occasionally with hints of Latin music, which upon careful listening reveal that they were created not only as background music. BUREAU B have released the music from all episodes on CD, supported by two modern remixes. To liven up the CD further, the ever-popular Mr. Linea pipes up occasionally with a spiteful laugh or throws a little fit of rage.

01. Countodwn Uno [Dip Di Casa Mix]
02. Linea Cinque Impaziente (Risata Uno)
03. Liinea Tre Jazz Rapido
04. Zampognaro (Linea Preludio)
05. Linea Cinque Originale
06. Lui Commento Linea Tre Jazz Rapido
07. Linea Uno Voce Originale
08. Badubadu (Linea Sei)
09. Countdown Due [Linea Battuto Mix]
10. Sonatore Di Wild West
11. Baiubadu (Linea Due)
12. Linea Cinque Variante
13. Linea Cinque Bossa
14. Risatu Due (Linea Cinque Rock)
15. Linea Amore (Linea Cinque Midi)
16. Linea Quattro
17. Linea Cinque Chitarra
18. Baiubadu (Linea Due)
19. Trazom A. W. Edit
20. Vent'Anni Dopo
21. La Linea Sequito 206 Chitarra (Badubadu)
22. La Linea Seguito 125 (Baibadu)
23. La Linea Seguito 132 (Dudidubadu)
24. La Linea Seguito 8 (Dibidibidi)
25. Baiunbadu (Linea Due) Finale
26. Dankeschon

Countodwn Uno [Dip Di Casa Mix]


The Very Best Of Booker T & The MG's

As the house band at Stax Records in Memphis, TN, Booker T. & the MG's may have been the single greatest factor in the lasting value of that label's soul music, not to mention Southern soul as a whole. Their tight, impeccable grooves could be heard on classic hits by Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Carla Thomas, Albert King, and Sam & Dave, and for that reason alone, they would deserve their subsequent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But in addition to their formidable skills as a house band, on their own they were one of the top instrumental outfits of the rock era, cutting classics like "Green Onions," "Time Is Tight," and "Hang 'em High."

The anchors of the Booker T. sound were Steve Cropper, whose slicing, economic riffs influenced many other guitar players, and Booker T. Jones himself, who provided much of the groove with his floating organ lines. In 1960, Jones started working as a session man for Stax, where he met Cropper. Cropper had been in the Mar-Keys, famous for the 1961 instrumental hit "Last Night," which laid out the prototype for much of the MG's (and indeed Memphis soul's) sound with its organ-sax-guitar combo. With the addition of drummer Al Jackson and bassist Lewis Steinberg, they became Booker T. & the MG's. Within a couple years, Steinberg was replaced permanently by Donald "Duck" Dunn, who, like Cropper, had also played with the Mar-Keys.

The band's first and biggest hit, "Green Onions" (a number three single in 1962), came about by accident. Jamming in the studio while fruitlessly waiting for Billy Lee Riley to show up for a session, they came up with a classic minor-key, bluesy soul instrumental, distinguished by its nervous organ bounce and ferocious bursts of guitar. For the next five years, they'd have trouble recapturing its commercial success, though the standard of their records remained fairly high, and Stax's dependence upon them as the house band ensured a decent living.

01. Green Onions (2:55)
02. Chinese Checkers (2:29)
03. Groovin' (2:45)
04. Soul Dressing (3:00)
05. Boot-Leg (2:07)
06. My Sweet Potato (2:43)
07. Slim Jenkin's Place (2:31)
08. Booker-Loo (2:29)
09. Hip Hug-Her (2:26)
10. Mo' Onions (2:55)
11. Soul-Limbo (2:26)
12. Hang 'Em High (3:55)
13. Time Is Tight (3:16)
14. Mrs. Robinson (3:41)
15. Slum Baby (2:40)
16. Melting Pot (3:49)

Green onions

The time is tight


Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil

The soundtrack to Clint Eastwood's Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil brings to life the film's sordid tale and colorful cast of characters, making use of the music of Johnny Mercer to do the job. The album's roster boasts a wide variety of singers renowned for their interpretations of standards. Paula Cole gives an ominous treatment to "Autumn Leaves, and k.d. lang blesses "Skylark" with her trademark breathy stylings. Cassandra Wilson simply astounds in a smoldering, timeless take on "Days Of Wine And Roses," while Alison Kraus lends her fragile, endearing voice to "This Time The Dream's On Me." For good measure, the album features several tracks by stars perhaps better known for non-singing endeavors: Clint Eastwood himself jauntily tackles "Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive" and the film's star Kevin Spacey displays some impressive crooning on "That Old Black Magic."

01. K.D. Lang - Skylark (3:49)
02. Joe Williams - Too Marvelous For Words (3:40)
03. Paula Cole - Autumn Leaves (5:08)
04. Rosemary Clooney - Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) (4:11)
05. Brad Mehldau - Dream (5:09)
06. Cassandra Wilson - Days Of Wine And Roses (4:46)
07. Kevin Spacey - That Old Black Magic (3:32)
08. Alison Eastwood - Come Rain Or Come Shine (4:31)
09. Clint Eastwood - Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive (3:37)
10. Alison Krauss - This Time The Dream's On Me (3:46)
11. Kevin Mahogany - Laura (4:50)
12. Diana Krall - Midnight Sun (4:00)
13. Joshua Redman - I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) (5:02)
14. Tony Bennett - I Wanna Be Around (2:09)