The Anita Kerr Singers ~ Sounds

Finally "the Collectors choice" decided to reissue this masterpiece in digital format. However, the critics say, it was "mastered from a LP rather from master tapes. Regardless of it, and the fact that sometimes remastered versions just do not sound right, I think they've done a fine job. There's little famous music here, but but this is the good album that their ability is shown

01. Happiness (2:00)
02. Wine In The Wind (2:46)
03. Today Is (2:20)
04. Say You Do (2:38)
05. I'm Falling In Love Again (2:24)
06. Long Live Our Love (2:53)
07. I Would Love You (3:12)
08. The Beat Goes On (3:05)
09. The Two Of Us (2:54)
10. I've Got Love Going For Me (2:56)
11. They Always Ask Me (3:18)
12. Swinging On A Star (3:00)

Wine In The Wind 


  1. "Sounds" by Anita Kerr Singers is another that good old Rapidshare decided to zap. I can totally understand why you're phasing them out!! I have a paid subscription, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to d/l from them. Would you be so kind as to re-up this one?? Many thanx in advance!!

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    The one to "AK Sounds" album has died ...

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