Martin Böttcher ~ Sound Kaleidoscope

Martin Böttcher -  composer, arranger and a bandleader whose music remains as fresh as it was many years ago.  Although his domain was film music, the arrangements of other popular tunes were equally memorable and exciting.  For true fans of instrumental music at its best, this album will give you an idea who Martin Böttcher is and how his skillful manipulation of orchestral sounds can contribute to your good mood.  This compilation contains both, film and popular music.

Many attempts have been made to outline the personality of a composer with the help of music: and frequently these attempts were failures. The reason, perhaps, is that the images evoked by music cannot be traced so easily and are not nearly as transparent as those painted before our eyes.

'Visible" music - this is a term anyhow justly applied in connection with composer and conductor Martin Bottcher. His domain is film music. Martin Bottcher's pictures of sound are directly related to the action visible on the screen - his music always implies an effect on the viewer. Whoever listens to him wilt feel after a while that his music can also paint a portrait: that of composer Martin Bottcher.

01. Dr. med Fabian (1:45)
02. Bengelchen Bossa Nova (2:47)
03. Fiesta In Belo Horizonte (2:48)
04. Wonderland Of Love (3:12)
05. Melodie Für Jessica (3:29)
06. This Guy's In Love With You (3:58)
07. The Shadow Of Your Smile (3:22)
08. Sonderdezernat K1 (2:12)
09. Tausender-Melodie (2:06)
10. Judy (2:49)
11. Fernsehmelodie (3:33)
12. Endstation Liebe (3:42)
13. Bengelchen (2:36)
14. Moonlight Guitar (3:02)
15. Salzburg-Melodie (3:29)
16. Die Ente Klingelt Um Halb Acht (2:03)
17. Klassenkeile (1:54)
18. Examination (2:51)
19. Adagio In G-Minor (3:33)
20. Einsam (3:48)
21. Snow Frolic (4:13)
22. Wenn Du Da Bist (3:17)
23. Stranger's Serenade (3:21)
24. Ich Schlafe Mit Meinem Mörder (3:21)
25. Segeln (3:44)

Moonlight Guitar

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