Alain Barrière ~ Tu T'en Vas (1973)

A former railroad engineer, Alain Barrière started a successful career as a singer-sonwriter in 1962 with "Elle était si jolie". Now, Barrière is one of the best-known and well respected french singer-songwriter in all french countries over the world. Major hits: "Ma vie", "Plus je t'entends", "Emporte-moi", "C'était aux premiers jours d'avril", "À regarder la mer" and many others.

This album was released in 1975 and even though it was not a huge commercial success it contains some of the finest ballads written by Alain Barrière. "Pour la dernière fois" even today remains very popular and it can be ranked as high as "Elle était si jolie". The rather unusual "L'algue" full of quiet despair and resignation is considered a hallmark of Alain's poetry, yet this tune is still often overlooked despite its beautiful arrangement and production.

01. Tu t'en vas (avec Noëlle Cordier) (4:22)
02. L'algue (3:36)
03. Le Bel Amour (3:28)
04. A Coups De Nuit (3:26)
05. Il faut danser, Marie (3:03)
06. C'est La Vie (3:50)
07. L'ombre d'un basier (2:25)
08. Reve Et Realite (3:23)
09. Pour la dernière fois (4:08)
10. Que c'est long (2:49)
11. Bretagne, Bretagne (4:02)
12. Si tu te rappelles, Ma Vie (4:20)

Que c'est long 

Reve Et Realite

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