The Beatles ~ Hot as Sun [2010]

There are still deep rooted rumors about a Beatles album that was recorded between the months of February and May 1969. An issue of the music magazine “Rolling Stone” (September 17, 1970) first brought attention to this mysterious album, but the article was swamped with various guesses and vague information, presenting what seemed to be a puzzle to Beatles fans. Of course, as with any good unsolved puzzle, it became a legend.

According to the rumors, the master tape of the Beatles next album was stolen by an unidentified member of the Abbey Road studio personnel, and asked for a large amount of money from Beatles for its safe return. The thief is then said to have mistakenly carried the tapes through an airport x-ray machine, where they were promptly wiped clean. Of course, a legend such as this seems to deliberately seal the fate of the missing album, assuring that its mysterious contents would never reach the ears of curious fans. (It should also be noted that this story bares a strange resemblance to the plot of “Give My Regards To Broad Street!”)

But it is 2010, a long forty-one years since the “Hot As Sun” tapes were supposedly wiped from the face of the earth. A lot can happen in that amount of time – urban legends can be reborn and envolve greatly. The “hot As Sun” legend still lives on. And so, on this compact disc is an attempt to recreate the twelve tracks that supposedly made up that lost album.

01. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (3:42)
02. Don't Let Me Down (3:11)
03. Hot As Sun (1:24)
04. Junk (2:22)
05. Polyphene Pam (1:24)
06. Octopus's Garden (2:51)
07. I Should Like To Live Up A Tree (1:00)
08. Zero Is Just Another Even Number (1:09)
09. What's The New Mary Jane (2:35)
10. Dirty Old Man (2:56)
11. Madman (1:15)
12. Watching Rainbows (3:33)

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