Donny & Marie Osmond ~ I'm leaving it (all) up to you [1974]

I'm Leaving It All Up To You is a debut album by Donny & Marie Osmond, released in 1974 Two singles were released from the album: "I'm Leaving It (All) Up To You" (Pop #4, also a minor #17 Country hit) and "Morning Side Of The Mountain" (Pop #8).

01. I'm Leaving It All Up To You (2:47)
02. Take Me Back Again (2:45)
03. A Day Late And A Dollar Short (2:55)
04. Everything Good Reminds Me Of (2:08)
05. Gone (2:49)
06. Morning Side Of The Mountain (3:01)
07. True Love (3:21)
08. It Takes Two (2:49)
09. The Umbrella Song (3:25)
10. Let It Be Me (3:06)


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