Waldo de los Rios ~ Sinfonias [1971]

De los Rios is best-remembered for his ability to transform European classical music into pop music. His 1971 arrangement of Mozart's Symphony No. 40 recorded with the Manuel de Falla orchestra, reached the top spot in the Dutch charts and scored a top 10 hit in several other European countries. In 1970, prior to this success, Waldo de los Rios had already climbed the charts around Europe and America with Ludwig van Beethoven's Ode To Joy which he arranged and conducted for Miguel Ríos. His record Mozart in the Seventies rearranged famous Mozart pieces in a contemporary style, with a large percussion section.

1. Beethoven "Novena Sinfonia En Re-Menor Coral" - 4° Movimiento "Oda a la alegria"
2. Schubert "Octava Sinfonia En Si Minor 'Incompleta'" - 1° Movimento (allegro moderato)
3. Mozart "Sinfonia N° 40 En Sol Menor K 550" - 1° Movimiento (allegro molto)
4. Brahms "Tercera Sinfonia En Fa Mayor - 3° Movimiento (poco allegretto)
5. Dvorak "Sinfonia N° 9 Opus 95 "Nuevo Mundo" - 4° Movimiento (Menuetto)
6. Haydn "Sinfonia De Los Juguetes - Do Mayor" 2° Movimiento (Menuetto)
7. Tchaikovski "Sinfonia N° 5 En Mi Menor" - 2° Movimiento (andante, cantabile, con alcuna licenza)
8. Mendelssohn "Quarta Sinfonia En La Mayor 'Italiana'" - 1° Movimiento (allegro vivace) - 2° Movimiento (andante con moto)


  1. I had this album long time ago in bad sound bad cover photo until your post and I realized how I ignored the beauty of the cover design using rainbow colors in glasses with musicians folio, thanks for the better sound and bright cover photo

  2. Gracias, con este album comence a apreciar la música clásica, un gran aporte.