Engelbert Humperdinck ~ Another time, another place (1971)

Unlike the previous albums, "Another time, another place" brings something completely new and, why not, refreshingly unusual.  It wasn't a chart buster, however you cannot deny it its originality and a novelty concept that took Engelbert's music into a different direction.

01. Another time another place (3:00)
02. Help me make it through the night (2:33)
03. Our love will rise again (2:42)
04. Talk it over in the morning (2:36)
05. There's an island (3:23)
06. Revivin' old emotions (2:43)
07. Nashville Lady (3:20)
08. Morning (2:32)
09. Twenty miles from home (2:41)
10. Days of icy fingers (2:25)
11. I'm holding your memory (But he's holding you) (3:06)

Help me make it through the night

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