Herb Alpert ~ Bullish (1984)

Yes, Herb Alpert did indeed record an album in 1984 under the name Tijuana Brass for the first time in nine years -- and in fact, he took a Tijuana Brass contingent on tour that year with four of the original band members on hand. But this album has nothing to do with the old TJB, for the music is the same high-tech pop of the 1980s that Alpert had been mostly purveying since "Rise," and with synths galore, a frantic electronic dance beat on many numbers, and none of the original Brass on the sessions.

01. Bullish! (4:49)
02. Always have a dream (6:15)
03. Make a wish (4:35)
04. Maniac (3:51)
05. Struttin' on five (4:22)
06. Love without words (5:39)
07. Passion play (3:42)
08. Life is my song (6:27)

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