The New American Orchestra ~ Blade Runner

Orchestral adaptation of music composed for the motion picture by Vangelis

While Vangelis was relying almost exclusively on synthesizers and other electronic instruments, the new American Orchestra does it the old fashion way - the score was written for a jazz orchestra. Any attempts to compare the original soundtrack and orchestral rendition will do disservice to both, although I will always favor the orchestral arrangement. Some of the jazz licks that Vangelis incorporated into his music were often overshadowed by electronic effects. Here, through superb arrangements, they were nicely exploited using standard orchestral instruments. The real show stopper is "Blade Runner Blues" with a haunting trumpet solo. The synth technology has immensely advanced since 1982. Perhaps Vangelis could make some extra cash by re-arranging his music using cutting edge electronic instruments.
~Ars Nova~

01. Love Theme (4:16)
02. Main Title (5:05)
03. One More Kiss, Dear (4:02)
04. Memories Of Green (4:54)
05. End Title (4:18)
06. Blade Runner Blues (4:42)
07. Farewell (3:12)
08. End Title Reprise (3:05)

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