Marches, Songs, Speeches - Nazi Germany - WW II

A1 Wir Fuhren Auf Das Meer Hinaus, A German Sea Song Adopted By The Nazis 
A2 Nazi Storm Troopers Sing Ade, Polenland
A3 Nazi Storm Troopers Sing Wenn Wir Fahren Gegen England
A4 Nazi Storm Troopers And Black Shirts Sing The Horst Wessel Lied
A5 Hitler Addresses A German Youth Rally In Berlin In 1933
A6 A Nazi Military Band Plays A Stirring March Based On Wagnerian Themes 

B1 Nazi Storm Troopers Sing Markische Heide
B2 A Nazi Military Band Plays A Parade March
B3 Hitler Addresses His "Worker Service Men" At A Munich Rally In 1934
B4 A Nazi Military Band Plays A Popular March Recorded At An Actual Parade
B5 Hitler Addresses A Nazi Party Congress In Nuremberg In 1935
B6 Nazi Storm Troopers Sing Wir Fuhren Auf Das Meer Hinaus


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