The Anita Kerr Singers ~ My Colouring Book (1973)

Possibly the finest album ever released by Anita Kerr and her singers. It contains tracks that have been previously released on other albums as well as some new material. This album has been lifted off of the web and unfortunately does not contain good artwork. I used to own this album, many years ago, but somehow I lost it. There is ample of Anita Kerr's albums available, however, this one remains a rarity, not only because it's next to impossible to find the LP, but the choice of songs makes it very unique and the most pleasurable albums of all.

Side A
01. My colouring book
02. The fool on the hill
03. If
04. Cherry, cherry
05. The balance of nature
06. Good vibrations

Side B
01. You are the sunshine of my life
02. Alone again
03. Michelle
04. All you need is love
05. The long and winding road
06. Be aware

My colouring book


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