Paul Mauriat ~ The Russian Album

This album was released in 1965 as Melodies of Russia and was an instant worldwide hit. Mauriat took traditional Russian pieces and beautifully arranged them for full symphonic orchestra. I regard this this Russian 'experience' as among his best works. The other positive about this album is that it uses some traditional Russian instruments to create an original orchestral sound. If you are a dedicated Mauriat collector this album is a must; it's also a must for anyone interested in Paul Mauriat and his orchestra.

01. Bublitschki (Бублички) (2:42)
02. Evening Bells 'Les Cloches Du Soir' (Вечерний звон) (2:27)
03. Kalinka (Калинка) (3:09)
04. Katioucha (Катюша) (1:59)
05. Le Cocher De La Troika (Ямщик, не гони лошадей) (3:02)
06. Le Sarafan Rouge (Красный сарафан) (2:49)
07. Le Temps Du Muguet (Подмосковные вечера) (2:44)
08. Les Bateliers De La Volga (Эй, ухнем) (2:45)
09. Les Deux Guitares (Две гитары - Эх раз, ещё раз) (3:31)
10. Les Yeux Noirs (Очи чёрные) (3:06)
11. Plaine, Ma Plaine (Полюшко) (2:59)
12. Stenka Razine (Стенька Разин) (3:03)

Les Deux Guitares (Две гитары - Эх раз, ещё раз)

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